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Greenpeace activists delivered a mattress to the Environmental Protection Agency’s headquarters with a message reading "Take Your Used Trump Hotel Mattress and Resign Already.” The delivery was in response to the revelation that EPA administrator Scott Pruitt asked a top aide to find him a used Trump Hotel mattress, and comes at a time when Pruitt faces intense criticism over misuses of his office as EPA administrator and his deep conflicts of interest with the fossil fuel industry., 8.18.46.EPA Mattress Delivery

We knew Pruitt was in bed with energy lobbyists, but…

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has gotten himself into so many scandals that I wouldn’t blame you for sleeping through another. But one of this week’s woke me right up: we found out that Pruitt asked an aide to help him acquire a used mattress from the Trump hotel. You might ask, “why on Earth would he want that?” But I[Read More…]

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