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Silence Of The Wolves

Silence Of The Wolves

Load your revolvers with our blood
While we spill you back with words of truth
Bare as the rising sun
You are a mere coward
Faceless as the night
While we are the shifting names that change to resist
Dabholkar, Kalburgi, Pansare, Gauri
The trail of fire is lit
Aim and Shoot

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The Idea of Ethnical Cleansing

The Idea of Ethnical Cleansing

This land is a mark on the forehead
A bullet yet to be drenched in red
Where death comes in split peels of seconds
Licking its bleached teeth tasting
Yet of yesterday’s slaughters
And the world exhales a bad breath –
The world stares in SILENCE

by 14/09/2017 4 comments South Asia
48737428 - raven (corvus corax)

The Façade

On a summer noon A crow perches (not in want of water) Gripping the bamboo bars of your fence And you yell at it until it flies away from your noise You are angry with the silly bird! The previous week when you offered the pinda In the name of your mother The crow didn’t bother, left you sleepless Wondering[Read More…]

by 31/08/2017 1 comment Arts/Literature
Savitri Bai Bhage

Savitri Bai Bhage

Kawade was expecting his first cup of chai as he flipped through Prajavani In the small balcony adjacent to the living room though his roots took him back to Maratha lineage, His Marathi was laced with Kannada The rituals he followed were a pleasant mix of cultures his ancestors had Followed in a land that they tried to suit Kawade[Read More…]

by 19/06/2017 3 comments Arts/Literature
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