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Mass prayer of more than 20,000 children at the KISS school in Bhubaneswar.

An open letter to Academics and People’s Movements in India –  Towards a critical articulation on factory schools

by Pranab Doley, Jacinta Kerketta, Deme Oraon, Gladson Dungdung, Sharanya and Rajaraman Sundaresan A recent protest, through a petition endorsed by around 300 Adivasi leaders, academics, activists, environmental groups and people’s movements in India, has brought the issue of decolonization to the forefront by protesting against the decision of IUAES and its member organizations to hold the World Anthropology Congress[Read More…]

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MoU’s exchanged between Achyuta Samanta and Adani Foundation for setting up a branch of KISS in Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Achyuta Samanta, the Myth of being a Messiah | Rajaraman Sundaresan

Elections in India are strange occasions, where parties and their rhetoric strangle the public discourse, leaving the common people to respond and think of their problems all alone. The strangeness of a manufactured ‘democratic election’ of this kind not only leaves one with the choice of choosing between the lesser evils, but also raises questions over the hope of democratic[Read More…]

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Am I not a doctor too? Asked TinkuTudu

Am I not a doctor too? Asked TinkuTudu

Tinkutudu got up very early in the morning. The sun was yet to rise. It was still dark. Upon seeing his wife and two children in deep sleep, he set out with his bicycle to the nearest canal where he saw many Ganesh idols being immersed the previous night.Tinku is a santhali from Mayurbhanj who had migrated to the city[Read More…]

Murder of Morality

Murder of Morality

Co-Written by OS Rajaraman & Bonny John Most of India is still under the delusional impression that it’s a democracy. The bureaucrats, police officers and politicians who are part of the nation state wear uniforms/badges of nationalism which sub verses justice in a democracy. Democracy is no longer of equals. It has in fact reduced to become a power equation[Read More…]

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They Came For Our Children

They Came For Our Children

We grew up looking at the stars in the sky,
Every morning we wake up to the screeching sounds,
We happily lived in our beautiful homes that you derogatorily call jungle,
But one fine day they, came for our children.

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From Ecology To Education

From Ecology To Education

Politics in many ways has become a bully boy gimmick. One has to read beyond headlines and think of deeper processes and consequences. One such event was the recent cabinet reshuffle by the Modi led NDA government. What fascinates me in these events is the amount of strategies that are tactfully played out to portray a sense of sustainability within[Read More…]

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