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Priyanka with her tea samples

Self-employment opportunities offer lives of dignity for transgenders

Transgender rights are a heated topic across forums in the country and make for long panel discussions and boardroom conversations. Rules under the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019 seek to recognise the identity of transgenders and prohibit discrimination in the fields of education, employment, healthcare, holding or disposing of property, holding public or private office and access to[Read More…]

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Meet the Man Who Turned Disability into Ability

Meet the Man Who Turned Disability into Ability

 “He will be good for nothing without his arms. It is better that he dies otherwise who will take care of him?” was the reaction of Shreenarayan’s father when the doctors told him that his son’s arms will have to be amputated if he is to survive. Shreenarayan Yadav was just ten years old when he suffered an electric shock[Read More…]

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