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Articles by: Shajid Khan

Ashraf Ali along with his daughters an octogenarian mother
at his residence in 1 No. Sonjauli village of Dimakuchi in Udalguri of Assam on Thursday.

Genuine Indian Citizens, Released From Detention Camp After SC Order

UDALGURI,Assam November 3: The concerned authorities in Assam assigned to detect and deport illegal immigrants mostly Bangladeshis appears to be on an overdrive when it comes to branding Indian nationals as ‘foreigners’ not only brandishing their power tool to harass genuine Bengali speaking people but even Hindi-speaking people whose ancestors migrated from Bihar,Uttar Pradesh decades back to Assam.Can one imagine[Read More…]

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Wildlife Activist Nabajyoti Baruah Strives To Mitigate Man-Elephant Conflict

Wildlife Activist Nabajyoti Baruah Strives To Mitigate Man-Elephant Conflict

The Udalguri district of Assam administered by the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC), has seen a steady rise in human-elephant conflict over the past decade. The illegal human encroachment in the age-old elephant corridors of Udalguri district has posed serious threat to ecology of the district since long. What has added to that is unabated felling of trees in Khalingduar Reserve[Read More…]

Khampha Borgayari,Deputy Chief of Bodoland Territorial Council(BTC) of Assam releasing the captive breed pygmy hogs in presence of Andrew Terry of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust(WCT) UK and Dr.Gautam Narayan,Director Pygmy Hog Conservation Programme(PHCP) of Assam at Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary of Udalguri on May 29.

Eight Pygmy Hogs Released In Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary

  In a bid to revive the population of critically endangered Pygmy Hogs in its natural habitat a total of 8 captive breed Pygmy Hogs (four male and four female) were formally released in the Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary of Udalguri of Asssam on May 29 by Khampha Borgayari,Deputy Chief of BTC in presence of Andrew Terry of Durrell Wildlife Conservation[Read More…]

A Pygmy Hog in its natural habitat released by members of Pygmy Hog Conservation Programme and Durrel Wildlife Conservation Trust at Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Grassland Shrinkage Posing Threat To Endangered Pygmy Hog In Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary Of Assam

TANGLA ,ASSAM December 7 – Rapid shrinkage and degradation of the grasslands of the Barnadi Widlife Sanctuary of Udalguri of Assam pose a serious threat to the long-term survival of the critically-endangered pygmy hog that was reintroduced to the sanctuary six months back that were captive breeded in state capital Guwahati. It is to be mentioned that the Durrell Wildlife[Read More…]

A herd of wild jumbo at Bhutiachang TE of Udalguri district of Assam.

A Tale Of Village Where Humans, Elephants Coexist Peacefully

TANGLA, ASSAM December 5: Can animal and people co-exist sharing land, water and food and live peacefully?Perhaps it is a million dollar question in today’s world where human animal conflict is a burning issue that seeks immediate attention. A village in Bhutiachang TE of Udalguri district of has shown a novel experiment to resolve the elephant-human conflict that started about[Read More…]