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Meeting point of the Bhagirathi and Alakananda rivers in Uttarakhand.

 Photography by Tristan Partridge.

Humanity, Nature and Rights

by Bharat Dogra, Anupam Bhandari & Tristan Partridge Perhaps the most widespread and persistent cause of human distress has been relationships based on dominance, whether across differences in class, gender, caste, race, or other imposed social categories. These tendencies are clear and undeniable, yet very difficult to change at a fundamental or societal level – as reflected in the ongoing[Read More…]

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Image: Bandera del pueblo selk'nam
Source: Wikimedia Commons

25th November: a Day of Dignity for the Selk’nam People

Though the 25th of November marks a dark time in their history, members of the Indigenous community Selk’nam Covadonga Ona are reclaiming the date as a ‘Day of Dignity’ in their ongoing struggles. On this day in 1886, a massacre of Selk’nam families was carried out under the order of Ramón Lista, soon after his militia landed at San Sebastián on Tierra del[Read More…]

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photo credit: Corporación Selk'nam Chile

Selk’nam victory for indigenous recognition in Chile

At a time of renewed social struggles for the rights of historically marginalized groups, an indigenous campaign in Chile this week received some positive news. On Wednesday (24 June), the National Congress approved a bill calling for the Selk’nam people to be listed among the indigenous ethnic groups formally recognized by the State. This is the result of collective efforts[Read More…]

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