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Bathinda, India - June 12 –KB-1

Children working as labourer in the paddy fields near Gobindpura village of Bathinda district on Tuesday while the World Child Labour day was being observed in country June 12, 2012 Photo By  Kulbir Beera /Hindustan Times

Social Consciousness and Rights of Children: Legitimising Child Labour!

The Social Consciousness of Law Makers and Politicians at large when it comes to Rights of Children is missing, leading to the rise in violations against children. The recent passing of the bill in the Rajya Sabha with less than 25% of its member being present and conspicuous silence and ignorance of the middle class only reflects the larger design to maintain the status quo. It suits the industry, it suits the economy and finally the family both employing and those sending. With State becoming part of the larger controversy – voiceless children with no political or economic say are left helpless. Lets acknowledge that State in its role of Parens Patriae has failed miserably to provide a robust legal and institutional mechanism, when it comes to Children.

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Dowry Deaths: India’s Shame 

Dowry Deaths: India’s Shame 

What the Women and Child Development Minister Ms. Maneka Gandhi, admitted on the floor of the Lok Sabha was startling, between 2012 and 2014, around 25,000 women either committed suicide or were killed due to dowry harassment; this vindicates the claim of women’s movement in India. Taunts, mental and physical abuse and ultimate death by murder or ‘forced-to-commit-suicide’ is an open fact of the Indian society

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