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‘The Power To Create A New World’: Trump And The Environmental Challenge Ahead

  The catastrophic climate change is no longer a subject for argument, at least on a mainstream level within the science community. Yet, as temperatures continue to rise, American efforts to combat global warming, sadly seem to decline. President Elect, Donald Trump is more concerned by the economic cost of combating global warming, and has repeatedly rejected United States’ role[Read More…]

by 17/01/2017 1 comment Climate Change
#BlackLivesMatter And The Conspiracy Of Privilege In America

#BlackLivesMatter And The Conspiracy Of Privilege In America

In the early morning of July 5th, 37 year-old father of five, Alton Sterling, was shot in both his chest and his back by law enforcement officers outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Following this tragedy, on the night of July 6th, a 32 year-old father, Philando Castile, was brutally slain with 4 to 5 shots by a[Read More…]

by 15/07/2016 1 comment Human Rights