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Childhood And The Colourless Rainbow

By Zohra Batul

06 June, 2016

Someone once said Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s season.

Being the most blissful and significant stage, childhood is all that a human being can cherish through his life; everyone says they desire to go flip-side in that phase of life. But all are not born with the luxury of enjoying this crucial part of their life to the fullest and for some, it storms in like a nightmare haunting them for their entire life. All alone taking care of themselves engulfed into darkness, accompanied by no love and no hope, they emerge from the shattered pieces of violence. These ill-fated children are left with a negative impression on their personality and upbringing which affects them for a lifetime as few scars never heal and sometimes it takes a whole life to forget horrible history.

They gaze at the sky with fear in their heart and dank eyes with hope, but their hopes fail them. No one seems to be free to response, their prayers get stuck don’t know in which layer of the sky. They crave for love and more so, for peace. The place where they shelter themselves is like a silent prison. Their upbringing makes their hopes mistaken and dreams paralyzed. When they should be listening to fairy tales they are instead trapped inside some horrifying story themselves. The blissful time of childhood is turned into bloodshed and hate. Their expectations get buried long before their budding stage can take off. And there doesn’t seem a ray of hope for them. In violence, they lose their innocence. As it is rightly said that it`s easier to build a child than to repair an adult. They hold the future of a better society.

“Everything is a ceremony in the wild garden of childhood,” said Chilean poet -Pablo Neruda

I always hear people saying that childhood is the finest phase of life, but not for all. For some even the Colourful rainbow has no Colours.

Zohra Batul is a research scholar at Jamia Millia Islamia who belongs to kargil




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