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Haiti's Plight

By Dr. Carl E. Briscoe Jr.

10 March, 2010

: “…power is not exercised simply as an obligation or a prohibition on those who do not have it; it invests them, is transmitted by them and through them; it exerts pressure upon them, just as they themselves, in their struggle against it, resist the grip it has on them. This means that these relations go right down into the depths of society….”

(Michel Foucault, “Discipline and Punish”)

Have you ever heard of HAARP or SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative). HAARP is an acronym for High Frequency Active Auroral Research. The US has three of these transmitting stations.[1] The perfection of these devices has brought considerable speculation, notwithstanding their possible uses in New Orleans during Katrina and as the basis for the numerous earthquakes in Haiti. Why would such a conspiracy theory evolve? If you believe that 9/11 was a mere case of chickens coming home to roust then this wouldn’t be a conspiracy theory at all, and you would already know that the US has done some pretty wicket stuff in the last 70 years. This article is about Haiti but one can’t talk about Haiti without talking about Western capitalism, and therefore America, who is the primary mover in this economic, inhuman system. And if we talk about America in the context of Haiti, race is a primary discursive formation, i.e. the idea, no matter how essentialized, is an intricate factor for the implementation of policy and the level of civility for which policy is initiated.

Since race has away played an enormous role in racist societies[2] (the US, and S. Africa, excluding the role of race and the analytics of a racists culture would be equivalent to hiding one side of a dialectic or covering up the truth with a lie, or talking about climate without talking about the pollutions we spew into the air. So, while I know it is bad literary form to digress from an opening or topic sentence, in this case the obvious must be stated as a context for this article. I think context is important, for it is context which ultimately brings specificity to truth. While my intention is not to confine all whites to a general category (essentialize them), however as a collective consciousness or voting group they do represent a particular ideological persuasion rooted in their privileged status – they are united at the hip with the European cultural economic duality, which is why this digression is so important to this exposition.

The historical and psychological nuisances of this cultural complex called “white people” are numerous. Nevertheless, it truly seems that “the white man has a god complex…and doesn’t mind fucking up a brother…” (This is quoted from the Last Poets). The way I see it, the Last Poets had it right (and they were original “spoken word” performers). But oddly enough, this essentialized identity – whiteness - is united by one consistency; privilege. If it weren’t for privilege, white people would be as nonexistent as purple people. There is however something distinct about this tribe of people who call themselves white, based on the privilege attributable to that identity. The condition of a privileged status is presented to the world as a desire, and it is that inability to see themselves as “a part of – rather then a manager of – that keeps them in this hyper state of superiority, hence the desire and pervasive willingness to embrace their own madness. In the very short time of their existence at the top of the food chain (remember Descartes said, “…I think therefore I am…”) they: workers and owners alike, have united around privilege, disregarding their interests within the structures of a market economy. Descartes proclamation was no mere philosophical jingle - Descartes was proclaiming the ubiquitous of white western thought, an articulation of the order of things, i.e. …how we interpret experience. Let us not omit that in the name of progress and civility, this white tribe has almost destroyed the very air we breathe, the water so vital for life, they have disharmonized the levels of the seas and disrupted the vitality of sun: so very necessary for growth and development of the human species. They have created huge concrete metropolis, weapons which crystallize thousands of sentient being in seconds, and diseases which turn the body’s natural immune system against itself. The very fish in the oceans are being depleted and diseased; many are gone forever as are many of the animals and plants forever undiscovered. While rainforest produce 40% of the world’s oxygen the west is gainful destroying them. What animal destroys the very air it breaths unless there is an anticipated attempt to market that air once it no longer exists. The very sexuality of the human race is being morphed by the mental and material sustenance’s necessary for life itself – and this is due to the manipulation of their structures at the genetic and molecular level. This predilection for domination and control makes them distinct from any other animal in the kingdom – but it also makes them dangerous to human existence; for all of these things were done to either gain control or maintain power (power over thought and material power over goods & resources). Ironically, most whites suffer the same indignities of other people, but it is their privilege of whiteness that distorts clarity. Hell! This is a man who wouldn’t allow his mother to vote in order to maintain a “balance of power.” [3] Consequently, we live, and have live, in a nation stabilized by warfare, not peace. And hence, given this culture of control, conquest, and domination, the possibilities for HAARP are immense. Now, these high frequency waves can disrupt, change and alter climatic conditions. Now, SDI stands for “Strategic Defense Initiative” which allows public money to be used rationally to pursue this complex of paranoid defensiveness. SDI is a mechanism worded to be impervious to congressional criticism. What congressmen would risk his or her patriotic capital criticizing “national defense,” given the blow-back from colleagues, and the lost in possible defense contracts for congressional districts. This concept was very useful during the Bush Jr. administration, which orchestrated a coup on the American people using fear and paranoia. SDI confounds the reality by providing a platform for defense initiatives. How does this concern Haiti? Any words about Haiti are political. Any and all policies are political in America. American corporations have been searching for oil and natural gas for many years in Haiti. Haiti, as part of the Antilles, lies on a natural fault line and it has long been thought to have huge oil and gas deposits. At the end of this article you decide…Oh!

By the way; “Do you believe in God?”

Haiti is part of a larger island called Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic is on one side, Haiti is on the other. The island is basically separated by mountains. While the Dominican Republic has been thoroughly subdued, and exists as a client state of the (united States) US, Haiti has had a history of economic domination, resilience and resistance to domination. “As the Jewel of the Caribbean…” Haiti at one time provided substantive resources for European nations to develop their wealth (monopoly capital) and their respective economies, but the slave population resisted and placed into action what the Americans and French only spoke of and wrote about: liberty, fraternity, and freedom. Even today the West fails to grasp the real meaning of American freedom. They cling dearly to what the idea represents, essentially erasing or negating what it has stood for, dominating and destroying others. Therefore these ideas are meaningless unless we add their political economy (the politics of money in a market economy), the political economy of the “free market.” What often confounds the imagination; when penetrated through the lens of economics and history can be extremely liberating. Currently the US has 20,000 troops in Haiti, more then it had had in Afghanistan for the first five years preceding 9-11. These troops are in Haiti to protect something! Government propaganda would have us believe that they are there to keep order, which ties into the concept of US altruism (this too ties into the notion of US righteousness). Similarly, under the guise of communist infiltration (an idea which has rationalized US interdiction in 3rd world countries through insurgencies, proxy wars, counterinsurgencies, covert operation, assassination, etc…) the US sent a huge contingency of the 82ond Airborne to a tiny country opposite Haiti called the Dominican Republican (DR). Why would a country that had delivered itself from onerous oppressors, oppress a small place like the DR. We could ask the same question of Israel. The parallels are striking, as are the mutual epistemologies, and ontologisms of these governing plutocracies. The DR had several things needed by the US; resources, strategic location, and cheap labor, and therefore as a client state the DR serves corporate and business ventures. If this seems implausible, Bush senior’s brutal attack on Panama to punish Noriega’s departure from the policy of total economic submission, provides an additional example. Iraq and Afghanistan, East Timor, and Mexico are more recent acquisitions in the US pantheon of client states (all others are considered “RogueState”). Most of these acquisitions follow a flawed but lucrative economic policy fashioned by Milton Freedmen and adapted to the corporate domination of resources in third world nations. Generally his policy suggestions were implemented shortly after or during major economic, political, or environmental catastrophes. The wealth in Haiti, like the wealth of most “favorite trading nations,” has been and remains in the hands of a very few; the generally half-white ruling class; part French, part Spanish, part English, and sometimes part American. The point is, it is they who control and have controlled the wealth or economic trajectory of the country. It is they who dictate policy, which ultimately serves economic enterprises, non-state actors, states, governments, and corporations which have no interests in Haiti other than what they can exploit and steal. To view Haiti as a failed state subjects it to economic intervention from the outside; from the United States. The devastating earthquake provides the opportunity to do just that!

Like the unsaid regarding Haiti, America’s unsaid is hidden by notions and ideas of justice, meritocracy, freedom, individualism, and fairness; all generated by a propaganda network running through the educational system on one level, the government’s information bureau, the film and media industries and other media venues (4 publishing companies control 80% of the book publishing market) – making the thing we desire the things we need, the associates of right and wrong consistent with national policy, and finally but not lastly “…being all you can be…” is being a patriot! We know only what is fed us through these institutions, and what is fed us contributes to and consolidates the parameters of these very ideas. Take the proliferation of police shows on TV. To an audience in which a large segment views this one eyed monster on the average of 8 hours daily this is a propaganda machine dispersing ideas about criminals, the police, the judiciary system, and public leaders. Given the press about police in this country one would think their jobs are dangerous, yet out of the 900,000 uniformed officers in this country less than sixty died annually from combat (according to the UCR). People are just beginning to understand that Columbus didn‘t discover anything at all…after all – how can one discover something that already exists and had been inhabited by people for 5,000 years – people who had government, farms, culture and ethic, cities and knowledge. This idea of discovery is one of the many metaphors for superiority or privilege which influences the said. Progress, for instance, references the idea of upward – the accumulation of those thing western - and being civilized means being western or at lease retaining some aspect of its political economy. So when it comes to a country like Haiti it is very easy to distort the truth. Haiti’s existence is narrated through an interlocking field of otherness. The truth about Haiti is distorted in our conceptualizations (how and what we think of things). What I am saying, is what we think and know or Haiti is diminished and whitewashed by the conceptual framework used to talk about Haiti.

Know ledge is power (a euphemism that has been retailed to meet the needs of the ruling classes once people began to understand its true meaning), not overt negative power, that’s not the kind of power I’m speaking of, i.e., the power used by armies and police; knowledge is far more insidious then that form of power. It inhabits the body, your thoughts, and desires. What we think about Haiti distorts and excludes its inhabitants from the normal; they are expendable in all the logistics of a market economy such as ours – because what we think is shaped by the very institutions that provide us with the knowledge of the object. For years people have gone to Haiti to get there, what they can’t get or do in their own countries legally. Public discourses about Haiti, shape its boundaries and articulates and essentializes its inhabitants[4] – like most natives in the Americas were essentialized before they were conquered or destroyed or placed under some formal colonial control. There is so much the average person has wrong about Haiti. It’s as if reality has been so distorted the spark of truth remaining gets extinguished by the desire for more lies.

The distortions are necessary because of Haiti’s wealth and its past, put the real unsaid is America’s need for carbon and gas fuels – unrestrained by OPEC dictates. To achieve this goal with in the parameters of the normal the US employs old colonial strategies and of course the newer preemptive strategies; all based on specific rationales, but all intending to achieve the same result. Demonizing a people or a land, rationalizes their deliberate extinction. Now, history is replete with numerous cases in which land and resources - desired by the greed of Western industrial nations, and their corporate representatives - simply took what they wanted via war or political diplomacy. It starts with a distortion of the truth, or a myth or simply a lie, like the Bay of Tonkin – which allowed the US to enter the Vietnam conflict – it simply never happened (US ships were never fired upon – but it doesn’t matter that 65,000 men died at the expense of corporate greed). The same old strategy was employed throughout much of South America during the early fifties until the early nineties m- wherever US corporate interests might be undermined by progressive or popular movements. Corporate greed literally sucked the blood out of native born people in these countries, [people already burdened by the wealthy elites, the off spring of old European colonizers], taking and controlling everything from land to water. This was done through misdirection, propaganda and murder; and of course the American public was easily placated by the proclamation of “communist insurgency.” If you’re too young to remember Vietnam, let me site a few you might remember. Native Americans were demonized as heathens, blacks as uncivilized, South Americans dissents as communists, Vietnamese as communist, the Japanese as imperialist, and the Alaskan natives as backward. Consider them as “other” and you have the pretext for extermination. Some American Jews, but more precisely the government of the nation of Israel has yet to understand this context; for what they do the Palestinians now is exactly what happened to them for many years. In the same vain we have been conditioned to think of Haiti as a place of Voodoo or devil worshipers, heathens, and people of low morality. My experience with Haitian people has been entirely different, and while I am no great friend of the Haitian people I understand what has been done to them.[5] And I understand the rhetoric surfacing about Haiti due to this most recent catastrophe and why it is so important to understand the geopolitical context.

Haiti is the only Black state in the Western Hemisphere to win its freedom from a Western power. Haiti has paid dearly for defeating the French: by the French, the English and most importantly by America; all who claim themselves to be democratic nations. People need to read Randall Robinson's book on the betrayal of Jean-BertrandAristide, An Unbroken Agony – Haiti, From Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President, or his book called, Quitting America. Another analytical and structural account of Haiti’s betrayal was ingeniously articulated by CLR James and his work on the Haitian Revolution, “The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L'Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution”. These books while informative, objective, passionate, and relevant are read by the average American. Why! Americans, by and large, don’t read, and when they do read they read fiction or fantasy. Perhaps this relieves the stress of being powerless in “representative” democracy.[6] The said (western news, radio, popular culture, books, etc…) in most cases, covers or hides the unsaid so thoroughly, our reality is transformed; we believe just what we are told to believe, ands believing that we are free is very much a part of this simulacrum. Both of these books point this out in narrative formats which look at the particulars of Aristides kidnapping by the US and intricacies of a black up rising at the turn of the 19th century. Both books for me made me think about the notion of freedom and what it must mean to the individual whose entire body is owned by someone, and what it means to the owner who feels he is “RIGHT” to control life, liberty, and freedom.

Based on my studies the slave is only a slave when he/she believes in the master’s words.[7] Based on that definition there are many slaves existing in America right now. Ask the men who fight in Afghanistan and Iraq why they are fighting. They will tell you, “to free the Iraqis” or “against terrorism,” or to “bring democracy” to these people. These are the same word/phrases you hear from the president, foreign relations officials, and congressional pimps. They are the words of elite politicians, working within for corporate interests, those who primarily benefit for the sacrifice of young American lives. In this instance we are free – free to think what we are told to think – what those who control goods and resources (corporate media, US information services, etc…) want us to think. Let’s look at mental freedom! What does your mind picture when you hear the word Haiti? You probably picture voodoo, niggerishness, illiteracy, poverty, black poorly clothed babies, art perhaps, dark black people, and extreme poverty – the exotic and the uncivilized. If you are black or Native American this should bring back memories of a few years prior, when separate but equal was normalized by law. When native lands were stolen under the guise of treaties, when the panthers were denounced as enemies of the state, and when the war on drugs targeted young black as the enemy of choice. What we must keep in mind is that all of this happened through a legislative process, originating in the formation of this country’s legal structure. To weaken a people offer them the church; your version of God, force your language on them, your clothes, your culture, but be sure you essentialize their humanity; call them heathens, niggers, violent, drug users, stupid, ignorant or uncivilized or articulate their inferiority through the specificity of sciences; in other words create them as “OTHER” than the particularity of your social norms. Many of us have forgotten this, we have forgiven everything – in fact as Malcolm said “we have lost our minds.” Many still think they have died and gone to heaven, particularly when ruling structures give us legitimacy (the dominating social and political structure) or acknowledge our humanity. But remember whiteness is nonexistent without the privilege invested in the idea! And also remember the words of Fredrick Douglas, that his power is difficult to surrender…after-all nobody wants to be black – not the Indians, not the Somalians, not the Ethiopians, not the Mexicans, - nobody.

One of the iconic pictures in the minds of ordinary Americans when the word Haiti is mentioned or steamed across the TV is poverty. However the pervasive poverty which is so ubiquitous in these cellular sound bites about Haiti is not by accident, nor is the obvious wealthy upper class structure an accident (a class structure which is also racially stratified) Haiti is a classical case of the mechanistic western domination, which by the way, operates more proficiently now than it did in the past. By this I mean it has been perfected to the point of being normal. I laugh at how nationalist hail Haiti as a site of "black" originality or cultural pride. I laugh at Clinton and Bush’s photo opportunities which anoint them as philanthropic, concerned, or emissaries of altruism for the impoverished. These were the very same tactics that lured Toussaint to a territory outside his domain and lead to his imprisonment and eventual death in France. Toussaint, the revolutionary leader, was tricked by the allure of white mendacity (wine, women, diplomacy, modernity), and eventually went off to France where he died. Bush and Clinton bring the same old story of severed trust, betrayal and mendacity. Even the Haitians remember that it was Clinton who secretly sent in a covert American force to extract Aristide from Haiti, (the only democratically elected president of Haiti) and take him to South African where he remains under house arrest today. The unsaid is hidden in the subterfuge of ideology, while the said takes center stage. Aristide was swiftly snatched from his bed, with his wife and a few belonging, while Brother Bill Clinton talked about freedom and self determination, and now seeks to inspire world thought with a new found altruism, all hidden by the unsaid. America talks about democracy whenever it invades a third world country but a small accounting of its non- European allies – of which many are dictatorships, kingdoms, and oligarchies demonstrates the frivolity of this ideological position. The Haitian situation is precisely my point.

Haiti’s punishment for defeating the French was a virtual economic embargo for many years, a debt repayment totaling 150, 000,000 gold francs (21 billion US) – which accounted for approximately 70% of Frances’ foreign exchange earnings paid until (1922). Of course this isn’t obscene to the power elite in this country. In the USA the top one percent of the country makes more money than 50 percent of the public and own more than 70% of the capital. But then we don’t have a "power elite" and we rule by representative vote and this country is a democracy not an oligarchy. Once again it is the unsaid where we find the truth; the said are merely words for public consumption. In Haiti it is the elite who control the said. Administrators, wealthy businessmen; off-spring of the French; who by the way control most of the wealth and power in Haiti. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. To understand Haiti today one needs to look at the political economy of Haiti both historically and contemporarily.

It might sound a little strange and probably unbelievable if I said Haiti’s revolution or its defeat of the French lead directly to doubling the size of the United States and perhaps sparked the Civil War. In fact the average person would gasp with disbelief. The defeat of the French by 500,000 slaves on a small CaribbeanIsland did this and more.[8] As is he case in all revolutions things came together which are not ordinary which culminate in a c-change. France at this time had abolished slavery, America hadn’t. France went through its own revolution. Liberty, fraternity, freedom and Justice were the calling words of this revolt against the ruling classes. After Toussaint’s death (Toussaint’s rule began in 1796 - independence was established in 1804…at this point Toussaint was already dead), his top lieutenant, Dessalines, defeated Napoleon’s powerful army over the next 22 months by attrition. He burnt goods, food stores, and resources, those things white soldiers had become accustomed to for survival. Moving to the hills and mountains he left the French troops to survive the heat the malaria and the mosquitoes. They died, 40,000 in total. The resurrected democracy proclaimed freedom to all people; male or female, black, white or brown. But deals were struck between the more powerful western nations to undermine Haiti, deals regarding the trade of resources and goods. When France realized it couldn’t defeat the rebelling former slaves it made a deal with the US to purchase the LouisianaTerritories. Known as the Louisiana Purchase, the purchase from France gained for America vast economic reserves, including future oil, food, vast farm lands, and enormous animal resources, all formerly owned by the French who had planned to use it politically and for economic exploitation. All of this was the consequence of the French loosing to the Haitian Revolution. It is the unsaid in its stark reality, something you will never read in the current discourse within this struggle for survival. The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the American Nation. It covered almost 900,000 square acres of land (Middle America) and was purchased for the meager price of four cents and acre. This was all due directly to France’s defeat by Toussaint and his rebellion of former slaves. What if this rebellion of slaves had caught on in the US? With that possibility Haiti’s fate was set. As trading pariah (like the embargo on Cuba) Haiti was forced to comply with debt repayment to France. This onerous debt would cripple Haiti’s development, but borrowing on the money would turn Haiti’s wounds fatal. This is precisely what Haiti’s new ruling class did (this has been over and over again in newly formed African nations headed by crooked self serving dictators or aristocrats).

In summary we have a country largely inhabited by people of color during a period when largely agrarian economies in market directed/oriented countries were transitioning to monopoly capitalism and full blown industrialization – acquiring capital through investments and building an industrial base using raw material extracted from colonial enclaves. This is not to say that the market structure for the growth of industry wasn’t vamping up. With the accumulation of raw materials factories would have to increase production. So while the French objected to slavery in policy it allowed slavery to exists in its colonies. It needed raw materials and cheap labor to make the net effort profitable. It also needed these people to buy the goods being produced by workers in the core states: England, France, Spain and America. We must also factor into this equation that Black people were considered only second to the monkey on the mystical change of being - a sort of continuum, constructed by early enlightenment European “thinkers” trying to understand/ordered the world and control how it would be defined. So during this so called period of “Enlightenment” America and other Western nations were perfecting a rationale to demean and dehumanized most of the world’s inhabitants. At times it was called science, and other times it was called psychology, natural science, biology and anthropology. They were all attempts to categorize and organize society within the parameters of what was becoming western thought; “I think therefore I am.” At the same time indigenous people, native people and people of color never understood the inhumanity of this quest for division and control. They were easy targets for a people who were warlike, supremacist, insecure, controlling, and without a sense of being. Toussaint’s’ rebellion occurred within the tapestry of this emerging preemptive strike force. However, it would have lasting effects. The fugitive slave law in the US would be passed enlisting the government into the business of capturing runaway slaves. Brutality would increase amongst slave owners, and there would a unified drive to increase production, and Plessey vs Ferguson would give white people legal control of blacks. The US would purchase the LouisianaTerritory from the French, doubling its size, giving it control over the Mississippi River and territories in now Canada. France would go on to become a leading secondary power, owing a significant part of its development to reparations being paid by poor little Haiti. And when Haiti defaulted, the US and France sent troops into Haiti to regain payment. Haiti has been punished extensively and the poverty, ignorance, and corruption that seem to trumpeted as Haiti’s legacy, are all directly related to the foreign invasion of those countries now claiming they are there to restore order, provide food, and resources, and help the weak and dying. I have serious doubts about what appears to be, for this is but an appearance at best, and given former policy toward Haiti, appearances are the said.

So, of course I find this herculean effort by the US a contradiction; a forest sort of speaking - as well as an opportunity within that contradiction - to gain further control of Haiti, its resources and then change it into a resort totally owned and operated by US Corporate interests…..I'm using the word resort primarily as a metaphor. After Katrina corporate money was used to rid New Orleans of its “urban blight” (black and brown enclaves). Public education ceased to exist as we knew it, being replaced by privately run (tax supported) Charter Schools, whose teachers for the most part were recruited by our present czar ((using Teacher for America, which has cultish tendencies) New Orleans is a corporate city, very much like the places devastated by the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean or the internecine wars to control resources in South America. [9] At the most chaotic juncture in the Iraq war, a new law was unveiled that allowed Shell and BP to claim the country's vast oil reserves. Immediately following September 11, the Bush Administration quietly out-sourced the running of the "War on Terror" to Halliburton and Backwater.... After a tsunami wipes out the coasts of Southeast Asia, the pristine beaches are auctioned off to tourist resorts.... New Orleans's residents, scattered from Hurricane Katrina, discover that their public housing, hospitals and schools will never be reopened.... These events are examples of "the shock doctrine": using the public's disorientation following massive collective shocks — wars, terrorist attacks, or natural disasters — to achieve control by imposing economic shock therapy. Sometimes, when the first two shocks don't succeed in wiping out resistance, a third shock is employed. [10]

Here it is, the perfect storm, the perfect conditions of existence for a takeover, masked by humanitarianism, covered up by intrigue and terror, and protected by US tax payer monies in the form of soldiers, guns, ships, tanks, and billions for private citizens willing to guide the US toward its goals. The millions and billions flowing to Haiti right now will more then likely not reach 25% of those who need it. Internal theft and terror has already began to emerge, but this will only provide addition rationales for US troops to start killing, i.e. institutionalize a virtual lockdown on the entire country. I predict that Haiti like New Orleans, Brazil, Chile, East Timor [11] Columbia, Venezuela, the Philippines, Indonesia Islands, and many other peripheral nations (core – peripheral relationships between industrialized and third world nations are relations of control and resource extraction in which the peripheral nation is inextricably and unequally tied to the core nation ) will become more than just a client state. Haiti’s value lies in its cheap labor, oil reserves, and natural gas deposits. It will become another channel for the flow or huge profits from corporations who aren’t people, and have no regard for people or what it takes to sustain them. Whites will take over Haiti like they are taking over huge sections of DC (formerly known as Dark Country) today. Droves of them have suddenly appeared with their little dogs, to domesticate the urban jungles of DC along with a healthy mix of police protection. Who else can afford three quarters of a million dollars for a one bedroom luxury apartment or one half a million dollars for large attached home. Cleaning up Haiti and transforming it will require huge bucks and corporations see the potential. This is not humanitarian, nor is it altruistic; it is purely pragmatic market capitalism absent any human consideration.

[1]The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).[1] Its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance purposes (such as missile detection).[2] The HAARP program operates a major Arctic facility, known as the HAARP Research Station, on an Air Force owned site near Gakona, Alaska. The most outstanding instrument at the HAARP Station is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high power transmitter facility operating in the high frequency range. The IRI is used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere. Other instruments, such as a VHF and a UHFradar, a fluxgatemagnetometer, a demimonde and an induction magnetometer, are used to study the physical processes that occur in the excited region.

1 See Juniou Ricardo Stanto, “From the Ramparts; Are They Sick/”…also see Angels Don’t Play this Game: Advances in Tesla Technology, also HAARP & Defense Advance Research Projects

[2] See David Theo Goldberg, Racist Culture: Philosophy and the Politics of The Racial State-

[3] That narrative on whites can be referenced in the literature of white studies, and in no way indicates a hate of whites, nor am I speaking of individuals…whiteness as a “possessive individualism” has material effects at the collective level. Retaining this status of privilege is used politically to capitalize on policies which have very little benefits for those who provide these collective initiatives…

[4] According to most scholars public ideas come from and are shape by prominent media outlets, i.e. the public has no real voice….

[5] See Henry Louis Gates, “The Curse on Haiti”, “…the first leader of the Haitian revolutionaries, a man named Boukman, employed Vodou (Anglicized, and broadly misunderstood, as “Voodoo”), to galvanize the slaves into rebelling against their masters in 1791. Vodou is a religion, just as Christianity, Judaism and Islam are religions. Vodou is a New World synthesis of African religions that slaves from the Yoruba people of Nigeria, the Fon people of Dahomey, and the Bakongo from Congo and Angola brought with them on the slave ships, and melded together, over time, in the crucible of slavery. Think of Vodou’s relation to Ifa somewhat like the Greek Orthodox Church’s relation to the Roman Catholic Church, and you will begin to understand its origins and evolution.”

[6] I use this concept with contempt, for here again we live a lie….Most men and women that represent the American people particularly at the congressional level are very wealthy. Congressional campaigns generally cost from 8 to 200 million dollars, money available mainly to large corporations, and very wealthy business people. Most members of congress live like kings and queens. Look at the recent campaign of New ‘York’s current mayor; Blumberg.

[7]See Sartre’s introduction to Franz Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth…Sartre said, “NOT so very long ago, the earth numbered two thousand million inhabitants: five hundred million men, and one thousand five hundred million natives. The former had the Word; the others had the use of it. Between the two there were hired kinglets, overlords and a bourgeoisie, sham from beginning to end, which served as go-betweens. In the colonies the truth stood naked, but the citizens of the mother country preferred it with clothes on: the native had to love them, something in the way mothers are loved. The European élite undertook to manufacture a native élite.

[8] References from Jim Thomson, “The Haitian revolution and the Forging of America”; Henry Louis gates Jr, “The Curse on Haiti,” Sir Hilary Beckles, “The hate and the quake”

[9]Read the Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein…”In The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein explodes the myth that the global free market triumphed democratically. Exposing the thinking, the money trail and the puppet strings behind the world-changing crises and wars of the last four decades, The Shock Doctrine is the gripping story of how America's "free market" policies have come to dominate the world- — through the exploitation of disaster-shocked people and countries.”

[10] See Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine…..

[11]SeeYaleUniversity’s Genocide Studies Program … http://www.yale.edu/gsp/east_timor/or Norm Chomsky’s, RogueStates

Carl E. Briscoe Jr. is an academician since 1994. He has been driver, waiter, builder, math teacher, Political science professor, African-American studies professor, activist, writer, university department head, and data analyst... He can be reached at cbriscoe1@comcast.net


Ph.D., Political Science, Purdue University, May 1994
M.S.Ed., Science of Education, City University, New York City, New York 1975.
B.A., Lincoln University, Lincoln University, Pa., 1969, Major- General Science/Mathematics
Administrative Credentials: Rowan College of New Jersey, Graduate School, 15 credits in Education Administration

Professional Experience

-Associate Professor of Political Science, Carlow University, 8/04-6/05
-Math Teacher (H.S. Geometry), Gary Indiana Community School Board, Gary IN (Jan 2004-June 04))
-Visiting Scholar -Purdue University, Jan 03 –Jan 0

Research Awards
1. National Endowment for the Humanities Award, Harvard University, The Du Bois Center for Research, 2000
2. California State University at Fresno, Instructionally-Related Activities Grant, Nov. 1999-2000
3. HUD Grant for Lincoln University, 2000
4. Global Studies Institute Research Award, May 2000
5. Faculty Development Grant, Lincoln University, May 2001, Book Project/ (currently at Temple University Press)
7. Affirmative Action Faculty Development Grant, California State University at Fresno, May 1998-1999: “An Analytics of Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflict in Emerging Democracies; Archaeologies of Ethnic Conflict
8. Labor Orientation Grant for Atlantic City, New Jersey , 1977