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Dream Phantasy Tribute To Rosa Luxemburg, Sigmund Freud And Carl E Schorske:
Debate On 'Revolutionary Dream', 'Dream of Revolution' And Hermeneutics of “Mediality”

By Anil Pundlik Gokhale

14 June, 2016

(Tribute to Rosa on her Birthday- 5th March 1871, Sigmund Freud on his Birthday, 6th May 1856 and Carl Schorske 15th March 1915)


It is an Imaginary Phantasy -Dream Plot to bring two Modernizers of 20th Century and their Historians on a single Platform of debate on ‘PATRIOTISM’. Two of them, Rosa Luxemburg & Sigmund Freud made History & third their Historian, Carl E Schorske. A phantasy Dream brings them together in the current Narrative of raging debate – Patriotism in conflict with AZADI. The two revolutionary Actors- Rosa & Sigmund responded differently to the unfolding events in Europe, namely to World war I (1914-18) but both changed the modern perspective on PATRIOTISM. The third one Historian- Carl E Schorske evaluates the contributions, historical trajectory and individual characteristics of these two modernists. Both Jews, atheists, non believers, Revolutionaries and Internationalists have confronted Proto NAZI and NAZI sponsored Patriotism and have acquired Martyrdom. Out of this Rosa’s murder in 1919 at the hands of Patriots remains the saddest, shocking and at the same time inspiring moment in History. On the other hand Freud was stripped of his Austro-German Citizenship, whose, all three sisters died in NAZI concentration camps and he himself escaped the noose.

Cartl schorske, essentially is historian AND principle narrator in this Dream Phantasy. This is how he summarizes the highlights of Historical contributions of these two great revolutionaries.

Sigmund Freud’s attempts “to create an “epoch making interpretation of human experience in which politics could be reduced to an epiphenomenal manifestation of psychic forces. Freud’s determination to challenge the Viennese political and social order, is reflected in his “citation on the title page of The Interpretation of Dreams from Virgil’s Aeneid: “Flectere si nequeo superos, Achronta movebo” (If I cannot bend the higher powers, I shall stir up hell). Freud’s message, I confirm was that the unconscious and its sexual forces would overcome the bourgeois political and social system, and the science of psychoanalysis would alone be able to Control it”. .

Likewise, Rosa Luxemburg’s ‘NOBLE DREAM’ has paved the way for “the new revolutionism whose conceptual formulation was done in her significant theoretical work of the years 1905- 1906: Mass Strike, Party and Trade-Unions. The author (Rosa) drew not only upon her experiences in the fight for a radicalization of the Erfurt tactic in Germany, but also upon her participation in the Polish Revolution in the winter of 1905-06 She attempted to integrate these two experiences into a new conception of revolutionary tactic for the German party”.

‘Anti War’ Spartacus Hero, Rebel and Flower of the Revolution, Rosa Luxemburg, the Polish name-Róża Luksemburg, was brutally murdered on 15th January 1919 in the aftermath of crushing of the massive Spartacus revolutionary uprising of Berlin workers at the hands of Proto Nazi Mercenaries”. It is unparallel! In History. Her tragic end has been reported in ‘Last Hours, as “Rosa Luxemburg has been dragged, senseless, into another car, Ober-Lieutenant Vogel sits at the side of the blood-soaked woman. A man strikes her again on the head with the butt end of a pistol. Ober-Lieutenant Vogel puts his pistol to her head, and blows her brains out with a bullet. They drive to the Landwehr canal and throw her dead body over the bridge into its dark waters. German News Paper Reported- “Rosa Lynched by Patriotic Crowds”- “Rosa gelyncht von Patriotic Crowds“. Identical was the fate of the Co Revolutionary- Karl Liebknecht who was delivered to a first aid station as an “unknown man, found dead,” by Lieutenant Liepmann. Innumerable attempts to identify the murderers and bring them to legal justice have failed. These tragic images of the murder and the moment of her sacrifice for the cause of human liberation has been lucidly articulated by a poet.

Rosy swooned to save her loved one, Moth flitting on the glowing Flame
“My sweet spark, my love light”, The flame also danced and flickered.
Rosy dazzled and twinkled for split of a second,

For the last kiss of her darling, She glowed and turned into ashes,
For a moment she flashed like lightening, Then wild thunder boomed all around
She did not doomed she turned immortal

The verses triggered a flash in my Midnight dream to bring the immortals amidst current Narrative, AZADI.

DREAM PHANTASY SCENE ONE (Current narrative)

I was attending a meeting, with political overtones, at some place which I could identify because of the displayed Boards, ‘Banavaras Hindu University Campus’. The Felicitation of University Graduates program was underway and was being addressed by a strange Feminine Figure, Yale University Doctorate, wearing an Upright Black Cap and who looked like commander holding important political portfolio. The speech was directed at Patriotic Students who were wearing the brown trousers and were receiving ‘Degree in Patriotism’. The central chairs of which were occupied by few foreigners in Military Uniform. The commandant was inciting the audience in hoarse emotional feminine voice and with contemptuous gestures, raising arm and finger, ordering every institute to hoist Flag of Patriotism, High on the top of central buildings. Strangely on the curtain -screen behind the stage was displaying the feminine distorted, dark lengthening shadow, a perfect Image, of feminine Falcon. The aggressive shadow-Image on the screen with raised hand was threatening, “No one can question which drama I am playing out now. My name, Remember, ‘My Name is ‘Antionette Gonsalvis’ –‘Antionette Gonsalves’. It evoked Patriotic War cries from Black Coated Lawyers and felicitated bunch of students shouting and jeering, ‘death to traitors’, ‘death to traitors’.

Patriotic lawyers pounced on the ‘Anti Patriotic’ students and laborers shouting ‘AZADI, AZADI Slogans in campus. ‘Hang them, Kill them, drag those Historians, Humanitarians, Internationalists, Orators, brand them ‘Anti Nationals’, assault them. We are ‘law into ourselves’ and expose the International conspiracy. Strangly the lawyers were led by Waldmar Pabs, and Vogel, were dragging a student leader, by inhumanly skirting his head under the armpit, on a road which displayed Sign Board- ‘Road to Immortality’.

DREAM PHANTASY SCENE TWO (Critique of ‘Mediality’)

I experienced change in the Scene. I was seated in an Consulting Hall, named ‘Vienna Therapy Consultancy’, Occasion was the debate organized and presided by Historian, I could make out the figure, Carl Schorske, 1981 Pulitzer Prize winner for Authoring the Book, Fin-de- siècle Vienna: Politics and Culture. For every ones joy, from the right side of the Consulting was entering ‘Rosy’ who had spooned to save the loved ones, a century back, metamorphosed into ‘ROZA, or simply ‘Anti War’ Spartacus Hero Rebel, ‘Rosa Luxemburg’ and was accompanied by Karl Liebknecht. Already seated were Sigmund Freud and other Philosophers and Intellectuals.

Carl E. Schorske opened up with introductory speech, “It’s an Historic and relevant occasion to bring on to a common platform, two greatest challengers of repression and who shaped the Cultural ethos of the twentieth Century Modern world. Both have been the dreamers with conflicting ideas, theories and practices. Both expounded theories of dreams, ‘Revolutionary Dream’ and ‘Dream of Revolution’. Today our subject of debate is ‘Human Dreams, Patriotism and AZADI. We will begin this debate with reporting of a strange dream of student from Banvaras Hindu University- Mr. Krishna Kanhayya.

Krishna Kanhaiyya a young scholar also stood up as first speaker to narrate his previous night’s hilarious dream. “A Super Ghost named Dr. Bus Moonja, a very old Super-demon, -- flew in, riding on shoulders of University Professor Mr. PA. Ranjape and got down after a spinning motion and shouted at me. ‘Did you check before commenting’ who visited Italy to meet Mussolini? It was me and not ‘GURUJI’. Why discredit and insult me? Do you know there were judicial executions by Stalin “Almost a million”.

I replied, yes, I agree with you, it was a pity that Poor Joseph Stalin was hopelessly and helplessly crawling to compete with Adolph Hitler who is credited for slaying Six million Jews, Communists, Socialists, Liberals and Intellectuals and more importantly brutal murders of thousands of activists, opponents, trade Union Leaders is to his credit! “Mr. PA. Ranjape, now please tell me, who should be regarded as innovative? Isn’t it some one who has carried through New Experiments of exterminations, Concentration camps with Death Assemblies to begin easiest ways of population control of Non Aryans, Who forced the million prisoners to parade naked and has introduced ghastly forms of repression of those who stood up in defiance and chanted AZADI Slogans !

Brahma Bhoot, Dr. Bus Moonja intervened to tell me, I have ruthlessly propagated the cause of Militarization of Society and Military regimentation of Aryans and dreamt of an Organization on Italian Fascist Lines. Remember, this is not imitation. Myself and Mussolini have been contemporizes and are pioneers of Philosophy of Mediality. When Mussolini was swinging from Socialist Party in 1920’s towards Fascism, I was swinging from Anti- Imperialist Nationalist Movement to founding of Rightwing Aryan party. This is my first innovation. “Believe in my power, to change and revamp the existing cultural and political climate. Inspired from the ‘Brown Shirts’ of NAZIs ‘Storm troopers’ (Sturm Abteilung’) I have instructed the New Generation to wear ‘Brown Trousers”. But that is only a step. What was missing in Mussolini, I discovered in NAZISM, the (HEAD) Cutting edge (Technology) ideology and weapon named ‘Racialism’. I have integrated these two- military regimentation & racialism. I have drawn both these mighty weapons from our indigenous archaic pre-history of Aryavarta. This sanctions our aggression on Non Aryan Mlenchas. This is my second indigenous innovation!”

I rebuked the Professor to tell him “who needs to be self-critical? Can you forget what Mussolini and dictators like Stalin, all rose on the foundations of crushing of the popular uprisings and revolutions in Europe from 1919 onwards were the exponents of ‘Mediality’. They suddenly discovered Nationalism and Patriotism as tool, weapon and fetish to build Military- State to enslave people, subject them to intensified capitalist exploitation and slay ‘freedom-AZADI”. Both, Stalinism & NAZISISM, Fascism are two sides of same coin, intense expression of Patriotic Mass Hysteria! Same was the case in 1920’s when Dr. Bus Moonja swung rightward.

The uneasy Professor replied, “As medialist, I don’t care for all this. I am an ‘independent intellectual’ and do not buy Gramsci’s concept of ‘Organic Intellectual’ and champion of ‘Hermeneutics of mediality”. Unable to stand up to the questioning on ‘mediality’, abruptly body shape of Professor Mr. PA Ranjape, began changing and metamorphosed and turned into Prof. PA Moonja-Ranjpe ( Brahma Bhut), another Independent Bramha Demon and with abnormal smile swung to ‘Ultra Right’ side and in a spinning motion flew away along with Dr. Bus Muonja and began dangling on ‘Saffron Hegemonic Patriotic Space of the “Peepal Tree’. He began chanting, “My name is ‘Independent Brahma Bhoot’, ‘Independent Brahma Bhoot’ in Safron Space. Now can we interpret this hilarious dream or you may call it a Joke”

Rosa Luxemburg intervened to state that these dreams appear to be hilarious but this dream has performed critical activities. ‘Mediality’ plays the most dangerous roles in critical hours of History and are the manifestations of developing collective pathological symptoms, impacted by mass hysteria! Dr. PA. Ranjape and Mr. Appa Crow are the self proclaimed ‘Collective Individuals’, victims and carriers of the mass hysteria. Antonio Gramsci’s ‘organic intellectual’ sharply differentiates itself from advocates of ‘Mediality’ who consider themselves as ‘freely floating’ Intellectuals, and boasting themselves as ‘Representing the Nation’. ‘Moonja, the Ghost represents ‘Fetishism of Capital’. Historical experience teaches us that ‘Mediality’ ends in awful Organic and deep Embrace of Bourgeoisie Patriotism! Remind Dr. PA Ranjape the experience of another ‘Medialist’, Friedrich Ebert, in post World War German History.

Sigmund Freud also added, “Dreams and phantasies reflect articulations of deep rooted conflicts in History of Civilization. Patriotism and Patriarchy are the two forms of expressions of archaic prehistory of humanity. Human sciences, psychoanalysis in particular have discovered through research, self search and case studies of Decades, and have brought into open the archaic animalistic dispositions of prehistory and trajectory of Patriarchic to Patriotic! The process of social, moral and exploitative regressions becomes intensified in these two forms. From my own experience I can confirm that the whole philosophy of ‘mediality’ makes mockery on the unfolding of great events in history these philosophies are tested. ‘Mediality’ crumbles and swings to the ‘Right’, regresses in historical events like World Wars and which Rosa will term them as ‘Capitulation’. What solution can Historians offer?

DREAM PHANTASY SCENE THREE (Narrator’s Retrospections)

The consultancy Room underwent a sudden expansion, into History Forum, with entries of Historians and Scientists - Albert Einstein, students and admirers of Rosa and other outstanding philosophers. All of them offered standing ovation to Rosa, Liebknecht, Herbert Marcuse, Norman O. Brown and Sigmund Freud.

The Auditorium of Historians had Carl Schorske as its Principle Addressee and provided significant and long narrative regarding revolutionary change in Sigmund Freud’s pursuit of truth. “There are two Sigmund Freuds, one before the World War and other after the War. After the world War, Sigmund Freud created new structural model which replaced ‘dream censorship’ with ‘Superego’. The second quest of Oedipus begins with crisis in his own life and his philosophy- post World War. Freud’s post war theories are closely linked to disintegration of his fantasy of recognition of his theory of role of sexuality and theory of Interpretation of Dreams by “his majesty” and “the necessity of psychoanalytic therapy of hysteria carried by a two third majority in the parliament” during War Years, 1914 to 1918, he ould not escape from being victim of this viral spread of, collective Hysteria and Patriotism. His three sons volunteered to participate for Austrian Army. Sigmund finally disillusioned by the War and himself being influenced by patriotism, in pre-war years he confronted with mighty crisis of the First World War which left millions dead and destrictions of “Civilization’. He again had to continuously struggle to get over and completely free himself from Patriotism, It was like another or second tryst of Oedipus to get over / the war neurosis, to surmount and battle with his shattered Patriotism.

He closely followed the unfolding events of the war. Freud grew disillusioned with the conflict, and the war seemed to have had a decisive impact on Freud's being and thinking. Patriotic War 1914-18 in which Rosa Luxemburg sacrificed her life however Sigmund Freud had not realized the grave consequences of War. But finally unaccountable human losses compelled him to undertake Second quest of Oedipus, to overcome his own Guilt of being responsible for spread of ‘War Plague’, as responsible for or contributor to War Neurosis on Global scale, His latter writings, on Death and violence, Civilization and its discontent, Conflict of Life and Death Instincts, Ego, Id and Superego, Religious weltanschauung and Mourning and Melancholia, all of his writings on surface appear to be applications of psychoanalysis but in truth and essence were pursuit for articulation of his social-political guilt, of second Oedipal Quest. New Oedipus was born. He struggled to revamp his theories of unconscious. He went forward to discover social applications of Psychoanalysis. He grappled with deep –seated aggressive impulses and aspects of human nature normally hidden in everyday life

The first, Quest was till Interpretation of Dreams 1898, Sexuality and other writings, were the Quest of son and daughters and the Patriarchy the second Quest was the quest of Father, ‘THE PATRIOT”, to overcome the violence ushered by destructive instincts he battled to overcome ‘Father Complex’ or Moses complex, to explore the grave and terrible human tragedy and fallouts of fatherland and Motherland ideologies. International bodies of Psychoanalysts pressed themselves into service in the aftermath of both the World Wars to treat Civilians and Soldiers and Bomber Pilots for the War Neurosis. In each case the psychoanalysts discovered ‘Father Fixation’, Oedipus Complex as the cause beneath Patriotic Hysteria’ and Conflicts. Finally, unfortunately Freud’s unfinished Quest met with his worst experiences with Nazism, Safronization, Fascism, Book Burning, Gestapo, Dictators and ‘Forced Labour’ and World wars. The swastika symbol, the emblem of the Nazi party worked like weapon for assassination of six million Jews and for exterminated and millions of communists, humanitarians, opponents by the Nazis. Freud and some of his family members were amongst those who had to leave the Austria and modern Oedipus had to pay the prize. I recount how in 1940’s the systematic persecution of Jews by Nazi Germany and the ensuing Holocaust impacted Freud’s Family.Four of Freud's five sisters died in concentration camps, Rosa in Auschwtz, Mitzi in Theresienstadt and Dolfi and Pauli in Treblinka. Freud’s unending and unfinished Quest for self expression had to pass through the Trauma and historical Human Tragedy of NAZI sponsored test of Patriotism, as Jew, as Psychoanalyst and as self searching Oedipus to discover the guilt and show light to humanity by dispelling dark clouds of repression intrinsic to ‘Patriotism’ which posed greatest challenge to humanity.

After the World War, NAZISM attracted the youth since Standard Historical Interpretations were inadequate because they neglected either the deep wounds of collective trauma or the vicissitudes of conflicting, hidden instincts. They turned to Freud for new ways to understand the dynamics of desire and the eruption of violence.

Albert Einstein also appreciated Freudian Concept of Guilt with his own illustration and confessed of shame in discovering Nuclear weapon Atomic Bomb as solution to end the World War II. He narrated, “I was on visit to United States when Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933 and, being Jewish I did not return to Germany. I became American Citizen in 1940. While lending support to Roosevelt’s ‘Manhattan Project’, I thought, against my will with a Day Dream, as a defensive act of serving Humanity with Final solution as counter to Adolf Hitler’s ‘Bomb Project and his Final Solutions in ‘Concentration Camps’!. The dropping of bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in 1945 shocked me to my core. My speech concluded with lines, THE WAR IS WON, PIECE IS NOT’. ---the spirit of trust and confidence, of generosity and brotherhood among men, prevail in the minds of those upon whose decisions our destiny rests. Otherwise, human civilization will be doomed’. Sigmund I also agree with your researched finding that ‘Nationalism is an infantile disease’, It is the “measles of mankind” This plague-spot of civilization ought to be abolished with all possible speed. Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them! How vile and despicable war seems to me! I would rather be hacked in pieces than take part in such an abominable business”

Rosa Luxemburg rose to her feet to say ”dangers of the philosophy of ‘Mediality’ are magnified in manifold dimensions in periods of what Carl Schorske calls, Social-Cultural- Political Schism! To paraphrase Carl Schorske, you students and entire Social Political Order is passing through phase of ‘Development of Great Schism’ of Twenty First Century, which inevitably would lead to great breaking apart of Organizational and social structures. The Philosophers of ‘Mediality’ are the forerunners of Capitulations like the ones I have experienced from 1907 onwards in Germany and which magnified in 1914 to 1918. Bernstenion ‘revisionism’ which challenged Karl Marx’s theory of capitalist crisis’, snowballed into capitulations of Intelectuals of ‘Mediality School”, Europe and Social Democratic party had experienced it from 1907 onwards historical trajectory of capitulations of Bernstein, Kautsky and the final capitulation of Social Democratic party to Patriotism during War Years of 1914 to 1918 by dumping the cause of Humanity and human imancipation. Rapid evaporation of independent opinion, freedom of speech and capitulation of existing political Groups and opposition parties is dominant feature of such periods. The events only demonstrate that initially signs of collapse of political parties become imminent. Recent drama orchestrated and powered by rabid Right wingers to Chant ‘Victory of Motherland’ slogan is so shrill but so powerful that ‘Mahatma Mohandas’ may have to throw out his Gandhi cap in the elected Reichstag and wear Black Cap with SWASTIKA EMBLEM to demonstrate his ‘Patriotism’. This capitulation is only the first sign, first stage of series capitulations forthcoming in years to follow and compelled by ‘Patriotic climate’ and Patriotic Frenzy’. With escalation of the Hysteric climate, Centrist political groups and parties, holding fast to ‘Mediality’ begin vacating the centre stage and are threatened to reduced to dust. It has been the ultimate testing ground for proletarian and popular leadership and on which strongest organizations like Second International crumbled and collapsed! This is the lesson to learn from German Experience with Bourgeoisie Nationalism! Nationalism is the key weapon and force to create monolithic culture and invade the Institutions, Educational Universities and then to foster the organizations to invade Factories and Agrarian Fields to ‘forced labour’. This was systematically done in Germany.

After Rosa’s speech, it was the turn of other Historians to speak about Rosa and her personal Characteristics.

Max Adler described her as “An untamed revolutionary force was alive in this frail little woman,” In admiration of Rosa Max Adler commented, “It was characteristic of her, however, that her intellect never lost control of her temperament, so that the revolutionary fire with which she always spoke was also mingled with cool-headed reflectiveness, and the effect of this fire was not destructive but warming and illuminating”

Rosa’s student and biographer Paul Frolich said, her “large, dark and bright eyes .. . were very expressive, at times searching with a penetrating scrutiny, or thoughtful; at times merry and flashing with excitement. They reflected an ever-alert intellect and an indomitable soul. Her “fine-toned and resonant “voice “could express the finest nuances of meaning”, and her slight Polish accent “lent character to her voice and added a special zest to her humor”.

DREAM PHANTASY SCENE FOUR (Rosa’s Spirit Survives)

It was dusk hours and abruptly a Safron Saint, claiming to be Medicinal Nudal Saint Babu Asaramdev entered the Auditorium shouting ‘ Behead those not chanting- ’Victory of Motherland’. To my surprise he was joined by War Veteran, Lieutenant Vogel and and Waldmar Pabs and other men in Military Uniform. I realized that it was a raid on Auditorium. They swiftly rounded up and picked up Rosa Luxemburg. Instead of assaulting her, out of fear of any backlash from students, this time she was secretly driven in a car and was stopped at ‘Landwehr Canal’ By seeing the sight of canal my anxiety grew and grew. I panicked and uttered in my dream, ‘History repeats itself’. She was taken out on to the Bridge of canal by Patriotic soldiers for her head smash.

All at once, students from various Universities, BHU, JNEU, DU, HyU, began pouring in like sea waves appeared from nowhere, on the scene from two sides of the Landwehr’ Canal Bridge and pounced on the butchers to disarm them and handed over to Area Council of Universities at Milan for Psychoanalytic Treatment for Hysteria. The victorious arrest of murders developed into euphoria amongst the students and the chants of AZADI enveloped the entire atmosphere, AZADI, SABSE PYARI AZADI, JANSE PYARI AZADI, MANUVADSE AZADI, PUNJIVADSE AZADI. AZADI, LADHKE LENGE AZADI chorus flowered in to Freedom in all forms’- from oppression, slavery and exploitation. All philosophers and Historians chasing Safron Saint, Lieutenant Vogel and and Waldmar Pabs reached the spot swiftly.

Overwhelmed by the mass upsurge and Electrified surrounding, smiling, cheerful, beaming Rosa rose from her Car seat and began, “I am overwhelmed not on account of your support but your challenging spirit and love for human freedom. Today is the day I have been waiting for so anxiously for last Ninety years for Humanity to rise to the occasion and realize that Nationalism and Patriotism are the fetishes which chain the masses and AZADI unites the people and all nations. Dialectic of AZADI and Patriotism paves the way for ushering open struggle between the Capital and labour because freedom is rooted in human productivity and creativity. “without freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, without the free battle of opinions, life in every public institution withers away, becomes a caricature of itself, and bureaucracy rises as the only deciding factor”. Today I am proud to state unequivocally that students my students have transcended ‘Nationalism’ and instead spread the message of freedom to every household, to every laboring women and men, to every human being oppressed and suppressed under the yoke of capitalism.

Albert Einstein joined the chorus to speak out, “I am exalted that after search for Eight decades Rosa’s murders are arrested by you Students. Today I cherished memories of Paul Levi who relentlessly perused the search of these murderers through Legal Trials. . I have admired Paul Levi, Reichstag Deputy of SPD, Rosa Luxemburg’s ardent follower, who inherited Rosa Luxemburg’s legacy. He possessed one of the sharpest legal mind. Paul Levi was declared as ‘Arch-Traitor’ and ‘Anti patriot’ by NAZI’s during 1923’s on the day of NAZI Putsch in 1923. He perused investigation and legal battle for prosecution of her murderers “. The unending struggle he put up worked on him during final trial and was hospitalized in state of delirium he committed suicide by jumping out from Hospital Window. In my obituary I have described him as, ”One of the wisest, Just and one of the most courageous person I have ever seen”. Today’s chanting of Freedom gives me the hope that Humanity will survive and courage will win”.

Sigmund Freud says, Rosa stands tallest. Rosa asked me, “what’s solution to the ‘clash of repression’ and ‘Discovery of Self” you offer. I answered, “Self discovery of Oedipus, Breaks through layers of repression, reach into archaic relations and surge forward towards discovery of my second Guilt. That is the moment of truth and light! Founding of Psychoanalytical Science has also laid foundations for Human emancipation.

The brilliant speech inspired Carl E Schorske to join the chorus. Firstly I announce the decision of Students Council to name this Canal Square as ‘Square of Immortals’ and all have decided to pay tribute to Rosa, Rosa Luxemburg. This extraordinary young woman was destined to play a leading role in the revitalization of the revolutionary tradition in Social Democracy. She combined one of the most penetrating analytical minds of her age with an imaginative warmth which make her unique ………A passionate fighter for her ideas,; Luxemburg used only the sharp rapier of her wit in intellectual combat’ ……. “Her revolutionary attitude expressed itself not merely in the cold hatred of injustice and oppression ……………but in a genuine love of humanity” He continued “From her Polish homeland, Rosa Luxemburg carried into German Social Democracy a passionate and activistic revolutionary spirit” and now the same revolutionary spirit to people of this Land of Civilization. :

Carl Schorske warned – Sigmund Freud discovered the roots of Patriarchy and Rosa Luxemburg the elemental force named ‘Patriotism’. Nationalism is now transformed in last two centuries from its original notion of “Right of the Nation to exist” today into ‘patriotism’ as the only and the last base station of Bourgeoisies to protect the rule of capital as aggressive fetishistic force of ‘National Capital’ to suppress the popular energies and compete with other ‘Capital’ through hook or crook, through Bonaparte, Hitler or others. Albert Einstein has exactly waked in the footsteps of Sigmund Freud to identify ‘Nationalism is an infantile disease.’ But it does not end there. It assumes the most horrendous form because it rides on the back of mass sentiments, mass hysteria and mass movements purported by Brown Shirts and Trousers but ultimately in service of ‘Capital’! It is essentially the last and ultimate form of Fetishism of Capital.

Rosa says, “Untamed Oedipal sexual forces in rebellion did not succeed in overcoming the bourgeois political and social system, as Sigmund Freud imagined, in fact it provided survival of your own fantasy and ‘PATRIOTISM’ as fetish and a cover. However your second Quest – of Oedipus, has succeeded in discovering the Organic link between Patriarchy and Patriotism and brings out in to open in the perceptual world, the causes of Plague and Human destruction. The perverted untamed sexual forces and instincts which destroy the Civil Institutions, create either the Fetishistic edifice of Patriotism or they collapse into psychic derangements and disorders of highly acute magnitude and scale. Nevertheless Freudian Unending Quest, Quest of Oedipus, is self activity. As Science of psychoanalysis as summarized in second Quest would alone be able to Control these forces. It will train and enable the proletariat to undergo ‘Self Search’ and show light to Humanity TO GET OVER THE War Plague! In this sense ‘Dream of Revolution’ can succeed only if ‘Interpretation of dreams, dreamt by ‘Collective Oedipus’ can control and overcome Hysteria, Neurosis and ‘Fetishism of Patriotic Mass Hysteria’ in service of ‘National Capital’. Comrade Sigmund, as your revolutionary dream was triggered by 1848 French Revolution, 1918-19 revolution led by Spartacus group also derives it energy from rebellion of slaves. The revolutionary force draws energies from the archaic past. Oedipus Quest forms the most crucial revolutionary weapon to garner and synthesize collective energies of present which can break through the hard fossilized layers rocky layers of repression, in order to create Imagery of future not even dreamt of!’ On one hand, Edwards Ebert illustrates that Hermeneutics of ‘Mediality’, provides the fuel to the tottering Bourgeous regimes to install the most repressive regime. Revolutionary force is the midwife and harbinger of every old society pregnant with a new one”! Today the specter of Krishna Kanhaiyya is haunting the socio political order because memories of millions of revolutionaries and revolutionary spirit survive as energy for” Krishn Kanhaiyya’s AZADI”.

I woke up from the thrilling experience of Dream, with alarm bells of AZADI, AZADI I said to myself, ROSA is REBORN, her spirit is reborn, Spartacus is Alive! Rosa’s words were ringing in my ears. ““Tomorrow the revolution will 'rise up again, clashing its weapons,' and to your horror it will proclaim with trumpets blazing: I was, I am, I shall be!” ― I was reminded of the poem, “ She did not doomed she turned immortal”.I got down for Interpretation of my own Dream Phantasy of ROSA LUXEMBERG, SIGMUND FREUD and Carl Schorske.

(Dream Phantasy also incorporates Excerpts from the speeches of Rosa Luxemburg, Sigmund Freud, Carl Schorske, Albert Einstein & Others. The Essay is based on Sigmund Freud’s concept of absence of Logic in Dreams)

Anil Pundlik Gokhale is an Engineer by profession and have been a reader and student of Marxist and Freudian literature for last four decades.He has been a professional translator of medical and other literature from English to Marathi. As a non regular writer on political literature he has always been attempting to intigrate Psychology and Marxism.He has t recently published book ‘Condensation And Condescension In Dreams And History: Essay - From Sigmund Freud To E P Thompson' by Author House London.




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