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Michael's Motion To God For Habeas Corpus

By Mary Hamer

11 June, 2016

*PURPOSE: I present to the world Michael’s letter to me of 6/5/16 regarding his: Wrongful conviction of murder, wrongful sentence to death & 18 years of wrongful incarceration in Florida’s highly flawed criminal justice system on Florida’s Death Row. Note: On 6/7/16 Michael was admitted to the Prison Medical ward due to severe health issues.


Michael writes: My heart is broken & hurting. I feel so sad about the loss of my father. I thought I would have seen him again … I thought I would have been out of here long ago. Who would have thought the Florida criminal justice system could keep anyone in prison for this long for a crime a person did not commit? Who would have thought that the Florida courts would drag their feet & refuse to hear my claims -- that prove I did not receive a fair trial. But here I am about 18 years later & I still haven’t had my claims heard. But, hopefully Judge Z (US Federal Court) will hear them soon.

*GOD: Michael's discusses the alleged killer of the victim with reference to God: I used to have a Super faith & belief in God & all of that stuff. I believed 110% in God – But I ended up in the county jail for a murder that I DID NOT COMMIT!. So I sat there in that county jail cell wondering Why & How this could happen to me? ALL the so-called alleged “Evidence” points to the victim’s boyfriend Danny as the killer. If one just looks at the facts without knowing anything about me or the victim’s boyfriend – everything including the motive of jealousy points to Danny. But this is where it gets complicated. Danny had never been in any trouble with the law in the United States. But common sense tells you he was involved with criminal activity & that’s why Danny was on the beach that night looking for drugs & a party. Then take me. (I had a criminal record). … So when the police saw that Danny did not have a record in the US -- the Police assumed that I was guilty & they went about collecting evidence to support their theory of what happened & overlooked & ignored any exculpatory evidence -- of which there was plenty. Then Danny fled the country to Venezuela. So the police had to pin this crime on me. & where is God?

*SITTING in the COUNTY JAIL: Michael questions the Why & How of being charged with murder: So I’m here in the county jail wondering Why & How could God let this happen to me? So then I started making excuses for God & saying well…I was using drugs. So therefore God was punishing me for drugs.

*The ILLUSION of TRUTH: Michael acknowledges Florida's flawed criminal justice system: I thought that when I went to trial the TRUTH would come out & the jury would hear my version of what took place – but it didn’t happen … For example, the lawyer made a mistake in advising me not to take the stand to tell my side of the story. Also, Florida’s trial judge made findings of fact inconsistent with the Evidence; The trial judge altered the testimony to justify his decisions: He converted illegal police information into lawful evidence. So, I got screwed just like many people here on death row.

*FLORIDA'S GLADIATOR PITT: Michael's reference to Slavery & Human Flesh: It’s an unfair contest when you have a poor defendant going up against all the power, money, influence, etc. of the State of Florida. Then Florida forces one of it’s attorneys on your case to carry out the State’s agenda. … I know they say a lawyer is “supposed” to represent his/her client & all of that stuff sounds great, but the truth & the reality of what goes on in these courtrooms every day is something very different. If you think you will receive fair treatment & a just determination of the facts based on the TRUTH – Well let me tell you: The TRUTH has no place in a court of law. That’s just the sad reality of the justice system. The whole system is rigged to enrich the nobility of the State, the Lawyers, the Judges, etc. They make their living dealing in human flesh. The prison system is nothing more that a modern slave market. Whoever bids the most gets the body. The State has more money, more power & resources – than any one individual. So basically whenever a person enters a courtroom they are like an untrained, unfit opponent going up against several gladiators & trained professional fighters against someone who doesn’t even know how to hold his hands up to protect his face from being hit. Before you know it you have been knocked down & knocked out. By the time you come to, you realize what’s going on & you start teaching yourself about the law -- it’s too late. Then you’re sitting in a prison cell wondering How & Why this happened?

*The STATE’S AGENDA: Michael explains the State's "System" for poor defendents: The State forces one of it’s lawyers on the indigent defendants to fulfill it’s agenda. The State makes money off of the poor & unfortunate. How is it possible to make money from a poor person? Well let’s make a law that says if you do XY or Z & you break the law, then you go to trial. But when you go to trial, the courts have a specialized language & rules & procedures that the average person doesn’t understand. So now you need a “Lawyer” to “Explain” your case to the judge. But you don’t have any money to hire a lawyer. Don't worry. The State of Florida & it's criminal justice system are good God fearing Christians; They would NEVER do anything unjust or unethical. So they “Give” you an attorney. The State makes money off of the Defense attorneys, the Prosecutors & the Judges. Then when you send the poor person to prison you can make more money off of him/her for housing, clothing & food – at the expense of the Taxpayers. But, the next problem is we need to keep the taxpayers in debt, living hand to mouth. So the State devises events such as Sports. Now the taxpayers are preoccupied with sports & other stuff so they don’t have time to figure out what’s really going on. The State creates one crisis after another so that people stay focused on the crises & terrorism, etc.. The people never figure out what the State is doing.

*The 13th AMENDMENT & SLAVERY: Then Michael writes a historical review of Lincoln’s Abolition movement & he references the 13th Amendment. The 13th Amendment says Slavery or involuntary servitude is permitted “If” someone breaks the law. Then the State has the right & authority to turn inmates into a Slave & put them on a Prison plantation & to make money off of their labor, their slave labor. So Slavery is alive & flourishing -- sanctified by the US Constitution.

*US SUPREME COURT: Michael firmly states: The fact is I’m INNOCENT. But according to the US Supreme Court -- It doesn’t matter if you’re innocent or guilty; The only thing that matters is if you had a fair trial. But what is a fair trial? If an innocent person is wrongfully convicted of a crime he/she did not commit -- How can that have been a fair trial? But injustices happen every day because of our ignorance of the law & our ignorance of our rights.

*BIBLICAL REFERENCE: Michael makes a reference to the demonic state of affairs in the world today: Matthew Chapter 4 Verse 8: The Bible says that all of the kingdoms of this world are under the control of Satan. Satan has legal & lawful authority until the Messiah comes back to set up His Kingdom on this earth. Until then all of these kingdoms are under demonic control & authority.

*CONCLUDING Statement: Michael concludes: So now back to my faith & belief in God. I’ve been here about 18 years – Hoping & praying that God will SAVE me or RESCUE me & that the truth will come out & I will be set free. But what I see happening is at every stage of the appellate process the truth has been suppressed. The State continues to lie & misrepresent the facts & the truth. & I’m facing EXECUTION. Do you know what that means? The State may very well end up murdering me for a crime I did not commit. & Nobody seems to care. I’m having a hard time believing that God is going to save me. … As I get older & more tired due to the weight of this cold cruel world, I kept looking around searching for God & searching for His help…But it hasn’t come.”

PACER HABEAS CORPUS Case #1:11-cv-22386 WJ

Shalom, Salaam. Namaste. Peace.

Mary Hamer is a medical doctor who cares deeply about the pain & suffering of the world, especially those "Left for Dead", abandoned, hated & forgotten in this universe.




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