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Is There No Alternative?

By Gunther Ostermann

19 July, 2008

In view of the chaos on Earth, the most important questions have never been answered: are there any alternatives to plundering the Earth, making war, destroying the planet and the devastating consequences of Climate Change? Not to forget Peak Everything which simply is not reversible with any amount of money.

Obviously, leaders in politics, commerce, and academia have either not foreseen the predictable turmoil, or adopted TINA, THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE, as it seems to exclude any thought of what is happening as unavoidable.

I question TINA, since I discovered ideas, which were either discarded or forgotten, and some are not even thought of, as I have a ‘handy’ unique life and science based item with a motto “I LOVE THE WORLD-IT’S THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE” and a vision, that would capture the hearts and mind of young and old. It would help re-establish people’s heritage, since our planet needs for its health and survival privileged, knowledgeable and caring inhabitants.

Are there any persons who would spend the money that is now wasted for the duration of ONE MINUTE on the Iraq war, if they can be certain that, indeed, there are ALTERNATIVES? This could get the ball rolling. Any proceeds go towards making peace with men and nature.

Let us speak and act ON BEHALF of those who suffer, and those who cannot yet speak for themselves. Or should we wait until there is nothing left worth saving and living for?

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