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People of the world are not taking Chairman Gonzalo’s death lying down

Demonstrations protesting the killing the death in custody of Chairman Gonzalo are encompassing many parts of Europe. Streets of Hamburg, Rome, Paris or Amsterdam were swept with the power of a torrent. Their intensity have made the rulers world over tremble, who patronised his murder. Most encouraging witnessing the participation of youth whose anger simmered at a boiling point. They[Read More…]

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Tribute to Chairman Gonzalo

Tribute to Chairman Gonzalo

Chairman Gonzalo or Abimael Guzman is no more. His was not a natural death but an assassination by the Peruvian state. Exactly 29 years ago on September 12th he was captured by the Peruvian police and placed in the Callao prison.Inspite of a sustained worldwide campaign to demand his release, the Peruvian state kept him entrenched within the jail walls.[Read More…]

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Save The Life Of Abimael Guzman

Save The Life Of Abimael Guzman

A sustained or protracted campaign has to be launched to save the life or Dr.Abimael Guzman or Chairman Gonzalo.He is on the verge of dying with continuous deterioration of health. The reactionary State cites untreated skin cancer which has now metastasized as the cause for Gonzalo’s admission to the hospital. Chairman Gonzalo’s condition is easily diagnosed and treatable at an[Read More…]

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