Is the Left Dead in Kenya?

Kenya faces critical times today as the government of President Ruto moves full speed towards the agenda set by USA via IMF directives.  The push on Kenya to turn ‘West”…

The coup in Niger

In the spirit of “every coup deserves a blog post”, here are some basics about the coup in Niger. Caveats to start: I know a lot about coups, but I…

African Union at 20: Challenges ahead

The African Union was founded in 2002 as a successor to the Organization of African Unity (OAU), an intergovernmental organisation that functions as a link between the African countries. With the…

Coup Season – The African Status Quo

Apparently, it is coup season in Africa, and the reasons for these upheavals always vary, from outright power grabs by opposing political factions to foreign-backed attempts at controlling central governments…

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