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Picture of Aussie soldier gulping beer from ‘prosthetic leg of dead Taliban fighter’

A Wide World of War Porn

Recently, I wanted to show my wife a picture, so I opened the photos app on my phone and promptly panicked when I saw what was there. It’s not what you think. A lot of people are worried about what’s lurking on their smartphones. Compromising photos. Illicit text messages. Embarrassing contacts. Porn. What I noticed was a video in the[Read More…]

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Too Much Respect for Authority

Too Much Respect for Authority

Why aren’t U.S. crimes, including war crimes, regarded as crimes? The answer is, because it’s unpatriotic. This bit of shorthand requires explanation. The posed question begins with the assumption that the United States commits crimes. Not everyone would agree with this. Whether or not actions are regarded as crimes is dependent on the perspective of the observer. Best to ask[Read More…]

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