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Why we need a Bunker Roy in Literature?

Why we need a Bunker Roy in Literature?

With the farmers marching out to demand their rights in India, with more consciousness of the need to close gaps between the privileged and non-privileged worldwide, with climate crisis becoming a major force to redefine our thinking, perhaps the time has come to rethink how literature can be moulded to serve the needs of the masses. That we wake up[Read More…]

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Aruna and Bunker Roy.

Tilonia Days

India has always been a favorite destination for tourists. This country, with its ancient civilization, culture and heritage, is a paradise of diversity. This country is diverse in all aspects, such as ethnicity, religion, language, culture, climate, and lifestyles.  All the fragments of human civilization are hidden within the shell of India. In Rajasthan I have been fortunate to visit[Read More…]

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