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 Vietnamese, Afghan & Iraqi Genocides: Mainstream Media Ignore War Crimes Of Colin Powell

 Vietnamese, Afghan & Iraqi Genocides: Mainstream Media Ignore War Crimes Of Colin Powell

The former African-American military commander  Colin Powell has just died from COVID-19 complications, and mendacious and pro-war Western Mainstream media and politicians  have been fulsome in their praise for the first Black American Secretary of  State while conceding his error at the UN over non-existent Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction  (WMD). Missing has been  mention of the millions dying in the[Read More…]

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Colin Powell: Establishment Warrior

Colin Powell: Establishment Warrior

History is strewn with the broken branches of twisted irony.  An individual who found himself entangled in it was the late Colin Powell, who, as a military man, gave a doctrine his name only to forgo it as a diplomat. The Powell Doctrine was one of certitude and caution: do not engage in conflict except in conditions whereby you could[Read More…]

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Powell holds up a vial he said could contain anthrax as he presents evidence of Iraq's alleged weapons programs to the UN Security Council.

Colin Powell, an image with a vial of lie, is dead

Colin Powell, the first black secretary of state who saw his legacy tarnished when he made the case for war in Iraq in 2003, died on Monday from complications from COVID-19. News of his death elicited strong reaction in Iraq, which has paid the price of what they call “never-ending wars”. Many of them wish he had been tried of[Read More…]

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