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Renewed Violence in Darfur: An Unstable Sudan

Renewed Violence in Darfur: An Unstable Sudan

24 April 2022 saw renewed violence in the Darfur Provence of Sudan between Arab militias and the indigenous tribes of the area, the Masalit and the Fur. The violence began in 2003 and has caused some 300,000 deaths and some three million displaced. While most of the fighting was when General Omar al-Bashir was President, his overthrow by new military[Read More…]

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Here stood the chemical pharmaceutical factory

Sudan, Africa And The Mosaic Of Horrors

Khartoum, Sudan: “What could be the most striking image, one that would clearly illustrate the destructive involvement of the United States in Sudan?” I ask. “In short, what should I photograph, that could show the suffering of the Sudanese people?” “Let’s go and photograph what is left of the Al-Shifa factory,” I am told. “It is terrible, and truly symbolic.”[Read More…]

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