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Annalena Baerbock

Change Is Coming to Berlin: What Col. Douglas Macgregor Thinks About Germany’s New Foreign Policy

Incoming German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has tapped Green Party co-leader Annalena Baerbock as foreign minister. Baerbock, a 40-year-old diplomatic novice, has consistently espoused liberal interventionist views that one left-wing American news site has described as a combination of “aloof complacency, ignorance and aggressiveness.” To help understand the implications of this appointment, I interviewed Douglas Macgregor, a retired U.S. Army colonel[Read More…]

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Germany’s New Neo-Nazi Party AfD and the recent Election

Germany’s New Neo-Nazi Party AfD and the recent Election

by Thomas Klikauer & Meg Young In Germany’s 2021 federal election (26th September 2021), Germany’s Neo-Nazi – some say right-wing populist – party, the AfD stabilized its 2017 result losing slightly. Still, about five million Germans voted for the AfD in 2021. The AfD remains part of Germany’s Radical Right Populism in Germany. The party – the Alternative für Deutschland[Read More…]

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German Finance Minister, Vice-Chancellor and Social Democratic SPD Party’s candidate for chancellor Olaf Scholz holds up a bouquet of flowers at the party’s headquarters in Berlin. September 27, 2021

Rise of centre-left in Germany

The big take-away of Germany’s first election of the post-Merkel era is that none of the parties has ‘won’ and each of the parties has reason to look miserable and feel disappointed with their performance. A new political landscape is struggling to be born.  For the ruling Christian Democrats [CDU], this has been their worst ever performance in post-war history, faring significantly[Read More…]

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Who Wins Germany’s Election?

Who Wins Germany’s Election?

by Thomas Klikauer and Meg Young It has often been said that predictions are hard to make – particularly when they concern the future. We have seen it many times in recent years and this may just as well apply to the upcoming federal election in Germany scheduled for 26th September 2021. Unlike the USA’s first past the post system[Read More…]

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