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The village of Kulusuk in Greenland. (Photo: Ville Miettinen/flickr/cc)

Greenland – Towards A Protective Future

At a time when headlines were focused more on the heat wave in Europe, an event of great importance which should have received more attention was the melting of as much as 18 billion tons of ice sheets in just 3 days of mid-July in Greenland. Very frightening estimates have been presented of the extent of rise in sea level[Read More…]

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Meltwater flows off the Greenland ice sheet.

Temperature In Greenland Causes Unusual Extensive Melting Of Ice Sheet, Boosts Sea Level

In Greenland, last weekend temperatures rose enough to cause 18 billion tons of the country’s ice sheet to melt over three days. Scientists have warned about the fate of Greenland’s ice sheet. Scientists say what happened between July 15 and 17 is the latest massive melting event contributing to an increase in the global sea level. The amount of water from[Read More…]

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The village of Kulusuk in Greenland. (Photo: Ville Miettinen/flickr/cc)

Blinken Says No to Greenland Real Estate

In May, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a visit to Greenland.  In a rather unedifying way, he was called ‘Tony’ by his hosts, a disarming point that was bound to open the floodgates of insincerity.  For all the convivial stuffing, there was a certain sting to the occasion: the previous Trump administration had revisited a fantasy long nurtured[Read More…]

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