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Japan Signals an Attitude Shift to the Growing Power of the Global South

Japan Signals an Attitude Shift to the Growing Power of the Global South

In mid-April, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs released its Diplomatic Bluebook 2023, its most important guidebook on international affairs. Japan’s foreign minister, Yoshimasa Hayashi, wrote the foreword, which begins: “The world is now at a turning point in history.” This phrase is key to understanding the Japanese approach to the war in Ukraine. Hours after Russian forces entered Ukraine, the[Read More…]

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Hermann Göring’s Words Resonate Yet Again – in Japan

Hermann Göring’s Words Resonate Yet Again – in Japan

While readers need no introduction to Hermann Göring, head of the Nazi Luftwaffe and Hitler’s onetime designated successor, Göring’s explanation of how to convince the people of a nation to go to war may not be as familiar. During his trial for war crimes at Nuremburg in 1946 Göring said: “Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia,[Read More…]

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Japan’s Discomfort in the New Cold War

Japan’s Discomfort in the New Cold War

In early December 2021, Japan’s Self-Defense Force joined the U.S. armed forces for Resolute Dragon 2021, which the U.S. Marines called the “largest bilateral training exercise of the year.” Major General Jay Bargeron of the U.S. 3rd Marine Division said at the start of the exercise that the United States is “ready to fight and win if called upon.” Resolute Dragon 2022 followed[Read More…]

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Japan: Fooling All The People!

Japan: Fooling All The People!

Many if not most readers will be familiar with the following saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln: “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” While this saying may hold true in most situations it’s most definitely mistaken in today’s Japan,[Read More…]

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Japan’s Threat Assessment Identifies Russia, China And North Korea As Its Main Security Concerns

Japan’s Threat Assessment Identifies Russia, China And North Korea As Its Main Security Concerns

Japan in its first annual defense report issued since the war in Ukraine mentioned Russia and China’s deepening military cooperation that has included joint air and navy drills is raising security concerns in the region. The defence white paper approved by Prime Minister Kishida’s government identifies China, Russia and North Korea as its main security concerns. Rivalries Are Clear “The[Read More…]

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As "Honorary Aryans" the Japanese had the 'privilege' of carrying the Nazi Banner

Japan: Trials and Tribulations of a Land of “Honorary Whites”

Of the many descriptions of the Japanese people readers are familiar with, e.g. industrious, polite, clean, etc., the description of Japanese as “honorary whites” may well be a first for many. Yet, it was not long ago that this term had official standing, albeit in apartheid South Africa. In the 1960s Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd determined it would be to[Read More…]

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UK And Japan Agree To Defense Deal

UK And Japan Agree To Defense Deal

The UK and Japan have agreed a defense deal that will allow their national forces to “work more closely together”, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday. The British PM, speaking in Downing Street alongside his Japanese counterpart, Fumio Kishida, said he is “so glad” the two nations have agreed a reciprocal access agreement for the armed services. He said allies in[Read More…]

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PM Kishi Nobusuke

Japan’s Concealed Past, Condemned Future

In his 1905 book, The Life of Reason, George Santayana famously wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” If one accepts there is a degree of truth in these words, one question to be asked is, “What happens to those who had their country’s past concealed from them?” Aren’t such misled people even more likely[Read More…]

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Joint US & Japan Naval Training

Will Japan and Russia Tensions Over Contested Pacific Islands Spill Over Into War?

Each year, Japan’s Foreign Ministry releases a Diplomatic Bluebook, a guide to the government’s views on the world. Kyodo News, a reputed Japanese wire service, reports that the 2022 Bluebook will have strong language against Russia. This Bluebook will be released to the public before the end of April, but Kyodo News’ reporters have seen a leaked text. The text that the news agency[Read More…]

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Mark-7 A-bomb readied for mounting at Kadena AFB, Okinawa

Japan: ‘Sharing’ Nuclear Weapons

Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, after some slight hesitancy Japan joined the European Union, the US, and other countries in both condemning Russia’s military invasion and placing strong economic sanctions on Russia. However, even while condemning Russia, a group of conservative politicians, headed by former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, saw an opportunity the pursue what has long been[Read More…]

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Three Senkaku Islands

Defending Japanese Imperialism

Common knowledge informs us that the surrender of Imperial Japan on August 15, 1945 brought an end to the Japanese empire and Japan’s occupation of all areas and countries that had been taken as a result of its military aggression. The Allied Cairo Declaration of 1943, for example, stated: “. . . all the territories Japan has stolen from the[Read More…]

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F-35B landing on JS Izumo

Japanese Stealth Aircraft Carriers?

Although unfamiliar with the details, most people recognize the purpose of stealth technology is to make aircraft effectively immune to radar detection at normal combat ranges. The question is, would it be possible, employing the same technology, to make stealth aircraft carriers? The answer, even with Japan’s undoubted technical prowess, is a decided no, at least not for the foreseeable[Read More…]

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USS Reagan and Japanese ship (JS) Izumo jointly patrolling the South China Sea in June 2019.

Is Japan’s Security Environment Deteriorating?

In recent months, hardly a day goes by when the Japanese media, as well as their Western counterparts, don’t comment on the increasingly dangerous security situation surrounding Japan. Needless to say, the two nations identified as responsible for the increased danger are China and North Korea. But are they really the cause? It is certainly true that North Korea continues[Read More…]

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Japan approves record defense budget for fiscal 2021 amid China threats

Japan approves record defense budget for fiscal 2021 amid China threats

The Japan government approved on December 21, 2020 a record defense budget for fiscal 2021 totaling ¥5.34 trillion ($51.7 billion), as it seeks to introduce new standoff missiles capable of attacking enemy vessels from outside their firing range amid growing threats from China. The draft budget is up 0.5% from fiscal 2020, including outlays linked to hosting the U.S.’ military[Read More…]

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What Japanese Media Doesn’t Want You To Say! Japan Is Part Of The Neo-Colonialist Clique

What Japanese Media Doesn’t Want You To Say! Japan Is Part Of The Neo-Colonialist Clique

Write that ‘Japan is part of the neo-colonialist clique’, and you will never again be invited to participate in any public debate conducted by Japanese mass media outlets. And that is exactly what I wrote several months ago, after being approached by an important publication based in Okinawa.

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A View From Japan: An Interview With Motoyuki Shibata

A View From Japan: An Interview With Motoyuki Shibata

Motoyuki Shibata in New York City In Japan, even a serious writer may be seen on mass advertising, and a translator can become a star. One of Japan’s most famous intellectuals, Motoyuki Shibata is a specialist on American literature. He has translated books by Thomas Pynchon, Paul Auster, Steven Millhauser and Stuart Dybek, among others. Shibata is also the editor[Read More…]

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