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Independence Day Celebration in Centre Square, Philadelphia, by John Lewis Krimmel, 1819

This Independence Day, Let’s Celebrate the Apocalypse

“…rather these question marks arise when the human condition is so improved and ameliorated that the inevitable mosquito bites of body and soul are found to be altogether too gruesome and gory, and in the poverty of their experience of actual pain, people will even take being troubled by ideas to be suffering of the highest order.” Friedrich Nietzsche, The Joyous Science trans. R.[Read More…]

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Activists and members of different tribes block the road to the Mount Rushmore National Monument as they protest in Keystone, South Dakota on July 3, 2020.

Native Americans blocked road to Mount Rushmore hours before Trump’s fiery speech as protesters refuse to celebrate July 4

A group of mainly Native American protesters blocked the road leading up to Mount Rushmore for three hours before President Donald Trump gave a speech at the national monument Friday night. When they refused to disband, the protesters faced off with the South Dakota National Guard, which shot close-range shells at their feet and sprayed some protesters with pepper spray,[Read More…]

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Co Dependence Day

Co Dependence Day

They’ll be shooting off the fireworks, eating and drinking like ‘ Ants at a picnic’ and sending ‘ Social Distancing’ out the window. Why not? It’s July 4th once again, a time to celebrate. Celebrate what? This pandemic is showing its teeth once again, the economy that Trump needs to be vibrant (for his biggest ‘ Deal’) going down the[Read More…]

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Frederick Douglass’ Speech For July 4, 1852 Is A Speech For Us All Today

Frederick Douglass’ Speech For July 4, 1852 Is A Speech For Us All Today

Frederick Douglass was asked to speak on July 4,1852 to commerate the Declarationof Independence. He pointed out that the Declaration of Independence was not a declaration with any meaning for slaves or ex-slaves, nor was the constitution a document for black people, only white people. That isa thought expressed and asked by black prisoners today, who number more than the[Read More…]

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July 4th Reflections From Frederick Douglass

July 4th Reflections From Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass, one of the most brilliant minds in history, had many praises for the US and its founders. However, he experienced the nation more fully than any of them, beginning his life a victim of the totalitarian fascism they practiced and promoted, and ending it a statesman and a friend of President Lincoln.  Thus his understanding and analysis of[Read More…]