Labour Laws

Labor Codes 2020 from a Labor rights perspective

The working conditions of labor during industrial revolution was characterized by long working hours (12-16 hour shifts), low wages, unsafe working conditions and lack of worker rights. The labor movements…

Draconian changes to India’s labour laws!

Labour “reforms” – India goes back in time Given the COVID-19 situation, though not with the same enthusiasm, nevertheless the entire world celebrated workers May Day recently. Ironically, here in India in the…

Labour in the Time of Corona

Back in the headlines Even as we were getting used to a new set of technical terms and headlines, from the brand new name of the virus to social distancing…

Scuttling Labour Laws

I Through an ordinance on May 6, 2020 the Uttar Pradesh government exempted all factories and manufacturing establishments from prominent labour laws for the next three years. Titled temporary, the…

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