On 56th Anniversary of Naxalbari 

Today we commemorate the 56th anniversary of the heroic uprising of ‘Naxalbari’. Inspite of neo-fascism brimming at an unprecedented height Naxalbari s not dead and buried. Influence on Social Change…

Fifty years After Naxalbari by Bernard De Mello

Unfinished History-A truly great Masterpiece highlighting how even after fifty years of Naxalbari and Seven decades after Independence Neo-fascism has penetrated India at an unprecedented magnitude I recommend everyone to…

Aabaar Naxalbari, Naxalbari again

First of three interviews from the cradle of the revolutionary uprising Aneek, an independent, radical Baanglaa monthly from Kolkata, India, in its 53rd years of publication, interviewed three leaders of…

Revolutionary Tales Told By Women

Srikakulam (Andhra Pradesh): Aruna Athaluri. Media person. My friend. She was working with a Telugu television news channel when I first met her. Now she is with the Telugu daily, Sakshi. Despite…

From Naxals To Taxals

An understanding of the political shift of communist revolutionaries into Sikh activists and its relevance today As we mark fifty years of the Naxalbari uprising, there is a need to…

Ballad of People

Fifty springs have passed Number of people martyred But, till democratic equality is not attained Future torch - bearer is Naxalbari

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