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Photo Essay: Where There Are No Sewers; The Toilet Cleaners Of Lucknow

Photo Essay: Where There Are No Sewers; The Toilet Cleaners Of Lucknow

Co-Produced by C.S. Sharada Prasad & Isha Ray November 19th is World Toilet Day. Enormous progress has been made in the global effort to provide safe and affordable toilets for the world’s poorest citizens since World Toilet Day was first declared in 2001. Significant strides have been made in “reinventing” toilet designs for low-income, water-short, un-sewered urban zones; celebrities such[Read More…]

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Tale  Of Despair : Patients Living On The Pavements  Outside  AIIMS

Tale  Of Despair : Patients Living On The Pavements  Outside  AIIMS

With a large number of patients and a shortage of night shelters,  Thousand’s of patients are spending days  in the subway of AIIMS metro station or on the pavement outside AIIMS, as they wait for treatment.   Not all the stories of courage have to do with the act of heroism .There is another kind of Courage ,Which is dour[Read More…]

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Everything during Diwali revolves around bussiness. Daily chores and responsibilities work in tandem with the demands of customers.

Photo Essay: Diwali Preparations For Diya Artificers Are Not The Same

By Arpita Singh & Midhat Fatimah Kamla Devi told that they take bath in the evening to stay clean of the mud while sleeping. She is one of thousands of potters residing in the conjested village known as Kumhar Gram. Kumhar Gram situated on the outskirts of Delhi, is the largest habitat of potter’s community in India accomodating more than[Read More…]

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Drought affected farmers of Tamil Nadu protesting with the skulls and bones of fellow farmers who committed suicide

A Walk Down Jantar Mantar, The Protest Street Of Delhi: Photo Essay

Jantar Mantar is the protest street of Delhi. People from all over India gather in this street to vent their anger, frustration and despair. Vidyabhushan Rawat takes a walk down the street to document the various protests happening in Jantar Mantar today. Text and Photos by Vidya Bhushan Rawat Delhi witnessed huge protests by diverse sections people affected by the[Read More…]

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Band wallahs march during a procession. Photo courtesy: Sadia Akhtar

Photo Essay: The Band Wallahs of Indian Weddings

Marriages in India are considered to be a sacrosanct social institution. Amid the glitz and the glitter of the wedding are men, whose music has become entwined with the wedding affair, the band wallahs. But who are these men, whose job is to be perpetual celebrants on behalf of other people. What kind of existence do these band wallahs lead?[Read More…]

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A washerman washing clothes inside the cement tubs at the ghat.

Photo Essay: We Treat Your Clothes Like Our Babies

Devi Prasad Sadan Ghat has managed to exist and battle the innovations of technology that brought washing machines to every household. Almost hidden and unnoticed by people the biggest dhobi ghat in Delhi is located in CP at the otherwise quiet and serene Hailey lane. Families of 60 washermen, try to sustain themselves by washing and ironing clothes from dawn[Read More…]

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Photo Essay: Earning, One Cut At A Time, Street Barbers Of Delhi

Photo Essay: Earning, One Cut At A Time, Street Barbers Of Delhi

You believe in expert marketing strategies of moustached-uncles sitting patiently inside wholesale shops of Sadar Bazaar, and indulge in ‘chai-pe-charcha’ for the latest political gossip, and immediately turn to your best buddies in need of a life-turning advice rather spending on professional psychiatrists. Don’t worry, you are just an average Indian. The country that contributed ‘jugaad’ as a new term[Read More…]

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Even the temporary settlement is in danger of being evacuated since the Delhi Metro construction is getting intense in the area.

Photo Essay: Life In Pieces For Delhi’s Displaced Community

“The bulldozers were running over our homes even without any prior notice. We all ran to save our belongings, only to find most of them destroyed,” says Geetha, a former iron carver who is now working as a maid in homes nearby. She belongs to Gadia Lohar community, which seeks its origins from Rajasthan and finds its existence in History[Read More…]

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