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Standing For Media’s Rights In India

Standing For Media’s Rights In India

  India, largest democracy of the globe, remains a bad place for working journalists irrespective of the regimes in power at New Delhi or any province capital. The populous country witnesses the murder of around five media persons on average in a year and that has not been changed for decades. The land of Bishnu, Buddha and Bapu has however[Read More…]

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2016: India’s Degrading Journo-Murder Indicator

2016: India’s Degrading Journo-Murder Indicator

As six months of the year rolls on, India emerges as one of the worst places for working journalists similar to the troubled nations including Mexico, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq. The largest democracy
of the globe witnessed the murder of three journalists in the first
half of 2016, where the populous country lost five journalists to
assailants last year. As nobody has been convicted in all eight
journo-murder cases, the Indian media fraternity rose to the occasion
for special protection laws and also for a national action plan to
safeguard the media persons.