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The Five (Rosa) Luxemburgs

The Five (Rosa) Luxemburgs

by Thomas Klikauer and Meg Young In January 2022, the East-Germany city of Leipzig started to host an exhibition about the siblings of one of Germany’s greatest anti-war activists, working class speaker, theoretician of mass strike, and a struggling working class: Rosa Luxemburg. Yet, unlike her well-known political activist side, this new exhibition focuses on the much less known years of Luxemburg’s so-called “Polish life”. Almost to this[Read More…]

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Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919) addresses a crowd in Stuttgart.

One, Two, Many Rosa Luxemburgs

Marking 150th anniversary of Rosa Luxemburg’s birth, this article about a great woman revolutionary thinker, writer, journalist and activist of the 20th century is being republished. Rosa was born on March 5, 1871 in Poland but grew to be the leader of the German Social Democratic Party, at that time one of the largest Marxist parties of the world. Rosa[Read More…]

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