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“Why My  Kings Head Bowed Down”

“Why My  Kings Head Bowed Down”

Psychoanalytic Interpretation- By Anil Gokhale Unusual Postures of King Shivaji First Prize winning TABLEU of Maharashtra displayed during India’s Republic Day Parade 26th January 2018, secured prominence by winning the first prize. However landed into controversy on significant issues of  Arts, Sculpture and Culture. Matter of the highlight was unusual postures of King Shivaji’s horse riding Sculpture or Statue. The[Read More…]

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Concept plan of the Shivaji Memorial in Arabian Sea. courtesy: Maharashtra government.

Shivaji Statue: Why Important For Hindutva Brigade

A recent controversy that has erupted is over the construction of 192 metre Shivaji Statue. There has been divided opinion on having such an expensive statue worth Rs. 3,600 crores. Critics are opposing it from four different perspectives. The first one is in relation to excessive costs, the second one from the opportunity cost undergone which could have been used[Read More…]

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