US-China relations at breaking point

The reckless and provocative trip by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has strained relations between the United States and China to breaking point. The Chinese government has reacted with Pelosi’s…

Pelosi-play in Taiwan

Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker, US House of Representatives, had a play in Taiwan, which in its initial phase was not dignified. The play’s initial phase was like a Hide-and-Seek game:…

Nancy Pelosi, you Silly Biddy

Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s visit to Sarajevo in 1914 was an instructive lesson on how the dumb do, at some point, ask for it.  Bosnia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian empire,…

Pearl Harbor Comes to Taiwan

For the moment at least, the Ukraine crisis has pushed the possibility of a Chinese attack on Taiwan off the front pages. Nevertheless, on a near daily basis we read…

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