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"Might we, by willful choice, transition from Earth exploiters to Earth healers?" (Photo: Bart/flickr/cc)

School Education During Transition Times

Introduction: The Transition Towns Movement In the year 2005, our capitalist societies saw the inception of a movement called ‘Transition Towns’. This is a grassroots network of communities that are working to build resilience in response to Peak Oil, climate change, food insecurity and economic instability. ‘Transition Towns’ is a catchphrase for environmental and social movements founded upon the principles[Read More…]

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 An Aspirational Vision of Life After Fossil Fuels

 An Aspirational Vision of Life After Fossil Fuels

What will life be like after peak oil, in an age of major climate shifts? Hollywood movies often depict it as a bleak, dystopian world where each day is a struggle to survive after every system we depend on has been stripped away. Unfortunately, that version of the story seems to be on track so far. Despite mounting scientific consensus on[Read More…]

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10 Years of Transition Network: The Early Days

10 Years of Transition Network: The Early Days

As Transition Network turns 10, Rob Hopkins looks back to when it all began… This month represents the 10th anniversary of the founding of Transition Network.  That’s Transition Network the organisation you understand, not the network of Transition groups which the organisation was set up to support.  We thought that as we begin this anniversary month, it might be good[Read More…]

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Transition Towns: Initiatives Of Transformation

Transition Towns: Initiatives Of Transformation

In 2006, when Rob Hopkins moved from Ireland to the small English town of Totnes with his family and co-founded the first Transition Town Initiative in the world with some friends, he surely never imagined what he was starting. Six years on, there are more than 500 “official” Transition Town initiatives in more than 38 countries, and several thousand more[Read More…]

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Resilience Thinking

Resilience: the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance and reorganize while undergoing change, so as to retain essentially the same function, structure, identity and feedbacks. The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan, published by the UK government in 2010, was a bold and powerful statement of intent for a low-carbon economy in the UK (HMG 2009). It stated that by[Read More…]

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