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Illustration by CurvaBezier / iStock.

Me And Twitter: A Hate And Love Story

  Twitter’s recent travails in the market have created a very strange sensation in me- for once I actually like the company. Though I’m a marketer, I don’t really use Twitter.  I tried once- years ago- and found it to be too distracting. I also succumbed to the problem of Tweeting and “responding” for the sake of doing it.  I[Read More…]

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Illustration by CurvaBezier / iStock.

What If Twitter Were Owned By The Users Who Love It

Hey, Twitter! Remember us? Your users? Hi. So, we heard you may be sold, or that people close to you are at least considering it. That affects us. We’re not sure how, but it’s sure to. You’re such a neat tool, and your future will help determine how we connect with our friends, how we learn about the world, and[Read More…]

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