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Jewish Voice for Peace poster: “Zionism breaks every single Jewish value! What is Zionism? Why are we anti-Zionist?”

JVP, Zionism breaks every human value, not just every “Jewish Value”

It took some doing, but at long last, Zionism is being denounced openly for what it is, a racist, settler-colonial Jewish regime aided and abetted by imperial forces and delusional Christian fanatics. Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), for example, recently addressed its Jewish constituency on the question of Zionism by publishing a statement titled “What is Zionism? Why are we[Read More…]

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‘Let’s Feed a Bedouin’: Roy Oz and Israel’s Outrageous Racism 

‘Let’s Feed a Bedouin’: Roy Oz and Israel’s Outrageous Racism 

On July 11, a video footage, which showed a popular Israeli TV celebrity demeaning Palestinian children from the Bedouin community in the Naqab area, went viral on social media. “Let’s feed a Bedouin. Don’t you want to feed a Bedouin?” Israeli children TV host, Roy Oz, repeatedly asks his children, who were seated in the back seat of his car.[Read More…]

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Zionism Is Racism

Zionism Is Racism

Hardly any knowledgeable person doubts that Zionist ideology is the purest form of racism. Zionism is Jewish disguised racism as a raison d’etat. Israel comes right after the U. S., as far as racism is concerned. That is why the U. S. donates to this racist regime $ 3.8 bn per year in order to keep this occupation regime going.[Read More…]

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