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Rape And Murder In Sukma: Soni Sori On Indefinite Fast

Press Release

16 June, 2016

Soni Sori and other members of AAP party are right sitting on Dharna outside the Sukma Collectorate of Chhattisgarh state, India against the recent incident of Rape and Fake Encounter of Madkam Hidme, a young girl from Gompad village. Additionally, Soni Sori has decided to go on Indefinite Fast.

On 13th June, the Sukma police announced a successful encounter where a woman Maoist, Madkam Hidme, was killed in an encounter close to village Gompad, Konta Tehsil, Sukma district. Villagers called up yesterday to say that this was incorrect and that Madkam Hidme was not a Naxalite, but a villager, picked up from her home, gang raped by the police and then killed, and body returned to the villagers.

Yesterday, a fact-finding team from AAP, led by Soni Sori tried to visit the village to investigate this. But the team was stopped and harassed at 4 different camps on the way, finally they were stopped and held for almost hours at the Injeram Camp on various excuses, just 10 km short of the village. Soni and others returned back to Sukma in the evening to meet the collector and SP. But no one was available at their office. ASP, Sukma Mr. Santosh Singh met the team and told them that they can't be allowed inside without Security force personnel's. The team then asked them to send some personnel's with them, ASP said no one was available and so they can't be allowed to visit the village.

Villagers on the other hand are willing to talk and are waiting with the body of the girl for the team or journalists to come and talk to them and see for themselves.

In protest, Soni and others have decided to camp/do a dharna at the collectorate itself until they are allowed to go in.

Son Sori told Times of India that Hidme, 21, who is married, was home doing household work when few uniformed security personnel spotted her and dragged her into the forest, covering her mouth to mute her screams. "She was wearing sari when abducted and wasn't a Maoist," Sori stated adding that Hidme was later gangraped whole night and shot dead on Monday morning after security forces allegedly changed her sari into Maoist uniform.




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