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Popularise Countercurrents

As you might know countercurrents.org came online in March 2002. We he have grown a lot since then. We have added thousands of articles in the meantime. Although we are proud of our growth, we know that there are a lot of people out there who would have loved our site if only they knew about us. So, we are observing the month of August as 'Countercurrents Popularisation' month.

If you are a regular reader of countercurrents, you know that we deal with issues which are crucial for the survival of human species on earth. We are moving at a frantic pace to a point of no return. Time is crucial. We have to take the issues to a far and wider audience, before it is too late. For that, we need your help.

You can help us in many ways. Here we are posting a poster/flyer which you can download,print,photocopy and distribute it among your friends, family and colleagues. Here we have two posters, poster 1 and poster 2 and two flyers, flyer 1 and flyer 2 . You can download anyone of these. Students can paste it on your campus notice board and also distribute among your fellow students. At marches, rallies and demostrations you can take these flyers and distribute them. Why don't you print one out and display it on the wall of your home/office, just to let others know that you are a proud countercurrentser! A word of caution, Poster/flyer 2 looks good on colour.In B/W it loses the charm.

If you are a journalist we request you to write about us in your news paper, or talk about us on your radio or tv show. If you have a journalist friend, ask them to write about us. If you have a blog or a website we request you to give a link to our site. If you are rich enough you can place a print advert on your local news paper. You can contact our spokesperson Satya Sagar for an interview. He can be reached at satyasagar@gmail.com

Also, we would like to increase the subscription of our news letter. You can encourage your friends to join our news letter. All you have to do is to mail them this url http://www.countercurrents.org/subscribe.htm requesting them to sign up

If each one of you can take at least one person to Countercurrents, it would double our readership, tremendously widening our reach




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