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19 January, 2008

A “Citizens’ Oath Of Office” For
Inauguration Day 2009

By Robert Jensen

In 2009, we welcome a far saner administration but also face far deeper problems, and hence a citizen’s oath is as necessary as ever

06 November, 2008

How John McCain Imploded
By Robert S. Becker

Republican partisans grumble John McCain never had a chance, victimized by big money, hostile media, a Democratic year, and “outside” forces beyond his control. Does this array explain the shocking loss of GOP strongholds North Carolina, Iowa and Indiana? Or why this certain loser trailed Barack Obama by two points at the second Presidential Debate?

05 November, 2008

Mr President, We Too Have A Dream
By Abdul Basit

An open letter to President-Elect Barack Obama

04 November, 2008

American Election: An Illusion Of Democracy
By Dr. Elias Akleh

Once again, as it has been happening every four years, the American people are suckered into surrendering their necks to a different yoke of slavery through the process of so-called “democratic election” of their president. Little they know that this president, and his administration, is but a tool used by the power elite – international financiers, military industrialists, energy companies and corporatocracy – to control resources, transfer wealth upwards, keep the populace in check, enslave them, suppress their dissent, and conscribe them into wars of greed against their human neighbors

31 October, 2008

Why I Am Supporting The Candidacy Of
Cynthia McKinney

By Lucinda Marshall

I have no doubt that many who read this have their fingers poised above their keyboards ready to ask how dare I risk the chance of a McCain presidency by suggesting a vote for anyone other than Obama. I urge them to read more closely

30 October, 2008

Twelve Reasons To Reject Obama
And Support Nader/McKinney

By James Petras

The intellectuals who, in the name of ‘realism’, support a politician who publicly and openly embraces new wars, billionaire bailouts and for profit, private sector-run health programs are repudiating their own claims as ‘responsible critics’. They are what C. Wright Mills called ‘crackpot realists’, abdicating their responsibility as critical intellectuals. In purporting to support the ‘lesser evil’ they are promoting the ‘greater evil’: The continuation of four more years of deepening recession, colonial wars and popular alienation

Obama The Stalker
By Joel S. Hirschhorn

No presidential candidate has ever used massive amounts of money to so effectively stalk voters. You cannot escape the Obama sales pitch wherever you are, whatever you watch, whatever you read. His campaign will go down in American history as the most successful advertising and marketing effort to sell a product

29 October, 2008

The Triumph Of Ignorance
By George Monbiot

How was it allowed to happen? How did politics in the US come to be dominated by people who make a virtue out of ignorance? Was it charity that has permitted mankind’s closest living relative to spend two terms as president? How did Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle and other such gibbering numbskulls get to where they are? How could Republican rallies in 2008 be drowned out by screaming ignoramuses insisting that Barack Obama is a Muslim and a terrorist?

Running On Empty
By John Murphy

Even at this late date I could flood the local radio stations with advertisements for only about six thousand dollars. I could place an ad in the "Community Courier" for two thousand dollars and get into one hundred and ten thousand households. I could get out powerful progressive message and raise the consciousness of tens of thousands of people but this effort is of such little value that only a very few see it worth a contribution over two hundred dollars

28 October, 2008

Messy Elections: Can We Trust The Results?
By Kevin Zeese

The U.S. can be the greatest democracy on earth, but rright now it is far from it

The Cost Of Slumber
By Dahr Jamail

We must each ask ourselves, during this week before the election, what, precisely, we will be willing to do to bring about the change necessary to end all the illegalities being carried out in our name. For this question shall, of course, persist long after November 4

War Or Peace?: The World After
The 2008 U.S. Presidential Election

By Richard C. Cook

With the presidential election only a week away, the financial crisis has been dominating the news, but behind it is an even larger question of war vs. peace

Confronting Presidential "Meltdowns"
By Robert S. Becker

If our democracy is to be made whole, we must find ways to return quality to government and government to the sovereignty to the people – and that, paradoxically, begins by returning greatness to the White House. Great nations cannot long suffer a train of mediocre leaders who cannot transcend their own parties or mindsets when problems are larger than both

24 October, 2008

Chomsky, Zinn, And Obama
By Mickey Z.

Another Election Day approaches and veterans like Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn endorse Obama for President. But Mickey Z. argues, " a vote for either John McCain or Barack Obama is—at best—an act of criminal negligence."

The Opium Of The Masses
By Max Kantar

This November, Americans face a choice. But the choice not between John McCain or Barak Obama; it is between submitting to the will of the corporate-military establishment or taking a moral stand in boycotting their rigged institutions of fake democracy

Taking Politics Seriously:Looking Beyond
The Election And Beyond Elections

By Robert Jensen & Pat Youngblood

We have nothing against voting. We plan to vote in the upcoming election. Some of our best friends are voters. But we also believe that we shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that the most important political moment in our lives comes in the voting booth. Instead, people should take politics seriously, which means asking considerably more of ourselves than the typical fixation with electoral politics

23 October, 2008

Why Accept The Endorsement Of A Liar?
Because He Has No Choice

By Maher Osseiran

Obama is not his own man, he is a persona, the creation of Zbigniew Brzezinski who sold him to the “old guard”, an amalgam of senior Republicans and Democrats - the ruling elite – the self appointed saviors of our nation from the clutches of the neo-conic evil. These guys are out in droves in support of Obama and they are all on message; Obama is what we need to rehabilitate our world image; a Hail Mary of sorts to recapture what George W. Bush squandered. Obama has no choice, he has to win and he has to accept the endorsement of whoever can get him there

22 October, 2008

The Theft Component
By Jeff Berg

The Republicans have gone to extraordinary lengths to steal the last two elections. It is truly breathtaking just how badly compromised America's election process has become. What has been perhaps even more astounding has been the American and Canadian media's lack of willingness to engage this story. Is this election beyond the reach of theft? One would like to think so. It is after all in the interest of the entire world that America begin to recover its democracy, and the integrity of the vote is as good a place as any to start. But.....

More Reasons Not To Vote For Obama
By David Truskoff

I was shocked by the Obama statement that he would welcome Warren Buffet, the wizard of Wall Street, to be his Secretary of the Treasury. Now Obama has gone even further in welcoming Colin Powell into his administration if he is elected. It tells us who is pulling his strings. Powell didn't give Obama his endorsement without getting a promise of something in return

20 October, 2008

US Elections: It's Already Stolen
By Greg Palast

Don’t worry about Mickey Mouse or ACORN stealing the election. According to an investigative report out today in Rolling Stone magazine, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Greg Palast, after a year-long investigation, reveal a systematic program of "GOP vote tampering" on a massive scale

Fool Me Once...
By Timothy V. Gatto

According to Greg Palast and RFK Jr., writing in Rolling Stone yesterday the vote is already being tampered with by the Rovian computer geeks. The Democrats must win by a large margin in order to override the GOP vote tampering effort. This is so totally wrong and deceitful, that I have a hard time actually writing these words

Powell's Endorsement: Redemption,
Race, Or Revenge?

By Mary Shaw

On October 19th, retired U.S. Army general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for president. I saw it as another step toward Powell's personal and political redemption

08 October, 2008

McCain v. Obama II: The Empire Strikes Back
By David Swanson

The first debate after the great foreign policy debate, which focused almmost exclusively on war, shifted to a discussion devoted in large part to foreign policy and specifically war. But it began with some other topics

The Debate That Made No Difference
By Timothy V. Gatto

Tonight’s debate between the two corporate candidates’ was predictable and superficial. If I were to judge the by the debates only, I would have a hard time differentiating between the two. Both Senator’s were very close to one another on most issues save healthcare which in all reality is just a “straw-man” issue that probably won’t be enacted in the next term of either candidate, but it makes good fodder for political discourse

Voting The Fate Of The Nation
By Chalmers Johnson

Will economic meltdown, race, or regional loyalty be the trump card in election 2008?

04 October, 2008

Patriarchy With A Woman's Face
By Jorge Majfud

Millions of women who previously supported Hillary Clinton have gone over to the Republican side. The electoral market, like on other occasions, is nourished by the contradictions of its consumers: those women who passionately defend in the media and in the cafes their support for a woman as a strategic advantage for the feminist movement without caring that that woman represents the exact opposite, may signify for the more sophisticated a demonstration of false consciousness, of complete manipulation. Something along the lines of women's liberation through the consolidation of patriarchy, or the feminization of feminism

01 October, 2008

How Forgotten Iraq May Elect The Next President
By Ira Chernus

Let's just hope the next president is wise enough and open-minded enough to hear us when we point out: One presidency was wrecked in the jungles of Vietnam, another in the sands of Iraq. Don't let a third presidency be destroyed in the mountains of Afghanistan or Pakistan, or over Iran. That danger alone should be more than enough reason to keep the Iraq War in the forefront of our minds as we decide on, and then usher in, a new presidency

27 September, 2008

Foreign Policy Debate All About War
By David Swanson

There was only one foreign policy asked about in Friday night's foreign policy debate: war and potential wars

A Vote For Obama Is A Vote For McCain
By Jerry D. Rose

I think all progressives should proceed to find an alternative to McCain/Palin ticket which isn't that of the ill-fated Obama/Biden one. With eyes wide open to the vulnerabilities of our own alternative choices, we must seek out those candidates who are a "viable" alternative to the much-feared McCain presidency. And yes, we need to go into the heart of Obamania land and tell our Kool-aid affected friends that "a vote for Obama is a vote for McCain."

26 September, 2008

John McCain – A Brief Criticism
By James Rothenberg

Inasmuch as candidate McCain enjoys virtual immunity regarding his national security credentials owing to his Vietnam experience, it might be interesting to lift that immunity and try another perspective. This is important because, from all we can tell, his views on the use of military force have little changed since then

20 September, 2008

Death Becomes Her: Let’s Make Her Our President
By Jason Miller

Savage animal slaughterer that she is, it’s apt that Sarah Palin has now brutally plunged a razor-sharp knife into the very heart of the seemingly invincible doubts concerning her capacity to be Vice-President of the United States. Wielding her chutzpah with the awe-inspiring deftness with which she employs her gun or rifle when hunting defenseless wolves or moose, she appeared on 20/20 and left our skepticism writhing on the ground in agony, immersed in its own blood and gasping its last

18 September, 2008

A Campaign Issue: Reform The Tax System
By Ron Forthofer

The candidate who offers the better proposals for confronting this financial crisis will have improved his electoral chances. Clearly local, state and the federal governments will need more revenue. However, how can a candidate suggest raising taxes when a large percentage of the population is hurting? Conventional wisdom says that proposing tax increases is political suicide, but revenue can be increased if candidates think outside the box

17 September, 2008

To My Readers I Apologize
By David Truskoff

No, I will NOT vote for Obama. I will not pretend that the system still works. It does not. I hate it! I hate the idea that I no longer have a country to be proud of. I hate the idea of not being able to enthusiastically exercise my rights as a citizen. I keep thinking that maybe I shall stay home and prepare my bumper sticker that will read, "Don't blame me. I voted for my dog Lolah."

16 September, 2008

Election Theft For 2008 Already Underway
By Kevin B. Zeese

Will Americans Be Able to Trust the Vote Count in 2008? And, What Can We Do to Protect the Integrity of Elections?

Subverting Democracy Through Electoral Fraud
By Stephen Lendman

In America and elsewhere, electoral fraud isn't new nor should anyone be surprised it occurs. But as technology improves, so are better ways found to pre-arrange outcomes. It's easier than ever today so more time, effort, money and other resources are earmarked for it

11 September, 2008

It Is All About Obama
By Ghali Hassan

Since his first day of campaigning in the primaries for the Democratic nomination, Senator Barack Obama has been the preferred boxing bag by the so-called “progressive” and “liberal” media. While rational criticism is necessary and legitimate, the well-orchestrated attack on Obama (as a person) is designed to deflect attention away from an imperialist system controlled by a small powerful ruling class

Independent Voters! You Have
The Power! (and they know it)

By Timothy V. Gatto

Everyone that calls themselves an “Independent” should be pleased to know that this is now the largest sector of the voting public. We are larger than the Democrats, larger than the Republicans

09 September, 2008

The Republican Masquerade Is Over,
So Is The Dems Time To Remove The Masks

By Kevin Zeese

The masquerade balls are over. Each of those costume parties cost $100 million dollars paid for primarily by corporate interests, with tens of millions of tax payer dollars to augment the corporate booty. It is evident that the corporate media – which first gushed over the Democratic Convention and then gushed over the Republican Convention – fell for the masquerade. Let’s hope they return to reality and start reporting on what is really occurring so we can have an electorate voting for reality and not fantasy

08 September, 2008

So How Many Poor Vietnamese Did
McCain's Bombs Kill In 23 Runs?

By Jay Janson

Given all the praise heaped upon McCain, the bomber of Hanoi, this is a natural question - especially for the millions of us who remember the inexpressible shamefulness of this genocidal war on the agrarian Asian population of a brutal French colony that suffered Japanese occupation and fought both the Japanese and Vichy French as a U.S. ally

05 September, 2008

The Election Is A Turning Point
By Peter Chamberlin

The choice we face in November is very clear. It is a choice to continue to support the US terror war, or to turn away from this path of unlimited destruction. This lie-based war is all about terrorism – whether America actually fights terrorism or promotes its use. To find the answer to this conundrum all we have to do is turn our gaze to Pakistan

The Empire Strikes Back:Sarah Palin's Speech
By John Chuckman

Sarah is there to speak to the born-again crowd, people who do not actually trust John McCain as being sympathetic to their views, and with good reason. Born-agains are roughly a fifth of the American population, and the Republicans never can win without their support. So we’ve gone from having the nuttier class of fundamentalists burrowing into every corner of America’s government under George Bush, affecting even the language used in literature at the Grand Canyon, to having one of their own placed “a heartbeat away” from the presidency, and this by a man whose heartbeat just might not last his term

04 September, 2008

McCain VP Pick Has History of Clashes
By Jason Leopold

The political career of Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain’s vice presidential pick, has been marked by conflicts, score-settling and her own claim that she faces “enemies – powerful enemies.”

02 September, 2008

A Challenge For Candidate Palin
By Rosemarie Jackowski

The average US voter is so uninformed that he does not even vote in his own interest. How else can it be explained that 18,000 of our fellow citizens will continue to die every year because of the lack of access to health care. That is like having a 9/11 every 60 days, but worse. We are doing it to ourselves - and it is so unnecessary

Looking At America's Police State
By Timothy V. Gatto

The American people are simply fed-up with both the Republicans and the Democrats. We are tired of the wars and the lies. We are tired of the fear tactics and the police state we are evolving into. The thought of a third-party candidate winning this election is not so far-fetched as it once was. It’s about time

Obama’s Zionist Wannabe Veep
By Robert Weitzel

For all of Obama’s campaign promises of “change,” his choice of Joseph Biden as his running mate sends a clear signal to Israel’s lobby in Washington and its right-wing government in Jerusalem that for the next four years there will be no change in the United States’ unconditional support or its annual $6 billion in direct and indirect aid. Predictably, neither will there be a change in the hopelessness and the impotent rage of the Arabs suffering under a U.S.-supported Zionist ideology in Palestine

31 August, 2008

Obama Is Not The Answer To King’s Dream
By David Truskoff

I was appalled at the staged attempt by the Democrats to link the anniversary of the August 28, 1963. Speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King to the nomination of Obama. The message was, King’s Dream has been answered."

John Mccain: A Matter Of Character
By John Chuckman

When McCain’s being shot down in Vietnam is discussed, the fact that he was bombing civilians is almost never mentioned. He's just lucky he survived. He might well have been torn limb from limb had he been a Vietnamese pilot shot down in Texas

29 August, 2008

Billionaire Backer Of Anti-Obama Ad
Previously Broke Campaign Finance Laws

By Jason Leopold

The anti-Obama ad that Simmons funded was rejected by CNN and Fox News, although some local Fox affiliates have been airing the spot. Sinclair Broadcasting, however, which drew fire in 2004 for an anti-Kerry documentary it aired prior to the election, has been running the Obama ad. Simmons was also a financial backer of the Kerry documentary

The Issues And The Constitution Obama Ignores
By Timothy V. Gatto

We must either make Obama incorporate the loss of our civil liberties, or vote for Cynthia McKinney who does. There is no big choice here, either we want our freedoms restored, or we don’t. We don’t owe Barack Obama or the Democrats our loyalty because they are not the Republicans, rather they must earn OUR loyalty because we are the people that will or will not put them in office. The choice is Obama’s to make

Would Jesus Ride A Donkey Or
Elephant To The Conventions?

By Jim Rigby

As the election draws closer, we will hear more and more about the politics of Jesus, as liberals and conservatives jockey to place the shining halo of Christianity over their own heads. Without saying it, they will imply, “Jesus would have voted for me!” Putting aside for a moment the rudeness of regularly forcing the inert pill of religious piety down the gullet of non-Christians, I think such politics are an insult to the message of Jesus as well

21 August, 2008

If I Were A Democrat Again,
This Is What I'd Tell Obama

By Timothy V. Gatto

I would be utterly confounded, confused, upset, hopeless and most of all, hurting like hell. Even though I’m not a Democrat, I still feel all of these particular emotions. It feels as if the end of the world is coming and there is not a thing I can do about it, and unfortunately, nobody seems to care, especially the Democrats

14 August, 2008

Smoke, Mirrors And Shifting Shapes
By Case Wagenvoord

Obama is shape shifting, again. Now he favors the offshore drilling he had opposed. His shift underscores the tragedy of his campaign and the dry rot that has infected the Democratic Party

American Complicity: The Solution
By Timothy V. Gatto

We are in a period of American Fascism, where the corporations, the bankers and the government direct and control policy. Benito Mussolini once stated that the definition of fascism could be “corporatism”. It doesn’t matter if you are conservative or liberal or you consider yourself “main-stream”. What has transpired is not in the interests of any of us that are not part of the policy making machine. Our vote means nothing when the candidates are selected for us by the corporacracy

04 August, 2008

Obama Joins The Club
By Ramzy Baroud

The exit of Bush from the White House is already anticipated in the Arab region with sighs of relief. But what is ahead under the next US president; more of the same, regardless of who wins, or change?

02 August, 2008

To Vote, or Not To Vote
By Rosemarie Jackowski

Please, don't vote if you don't know your candidate's position on all of the important issues. Don't vote if you don't have a working knowledge of US foreign policy. For your convenience, the test below should help answer the question of whether or not you are an informed voter. Many who have taken the test have scored a perfect 10. There are no trick questions. It's really very easy

29 July, 2008

Playing Progressive Hardball
By Case Wagenvoord

In spite of it all, we want to believe. We cling to the hope that once Obama takes the oath of office; his true progressive nature will spring forth and turn America into a paradise of progressive ideals. Unfortunately, his FISA vote changed everything. If ever there was an unnecessary “yea” vote that was it. It defies the imagination how Democrats could allow themselves to be bullied by a lame-duck president whose approval ratings are in the pits

Our President Should Support
More Direct Democracy

By Joel S. Hirschhorn

For political reform seeking Americans the litmus test for presidential candidates should be whether they support more direct democracy. If Obama is not just about rhetorical change, but a true reformer of the political system, then we need to hear from him on this issue

28 July, 2008

Barack Obama: The New Jimmy Carter
By Greg Guma

Obama – like Carter – can be useful in calming things down and re-establishing confidence in the legitimacy of the current political order. In short, he can reinforce the argument that “the system” still works. For those who want real change, he’s bound to be a disappointment. But perhaps, along the road to inevitable disillusionment, at least he may do a bit to ease the pain

19 July, 2008

Watchovia Company
By David Truskoff

Obama's banner slogan "Change" is beginning to look and smell like an old over-used dish rag and has become just as useless. I tell my friends that I will not vote for the lesser of two evils again. If Obama gives specifics on how he will re-store the FDR constraints on the robber barons: if he will say he will withhold funds for Israel until the apartheid wall is taken down, if he says he will stand up to the powerful lobbies that have taken over our congress and government like AIPAC, Then I might consider the idea that he may bring about change, but I know it will not happen. So who do you vote for?

19 July, 2008

I'm Not Barack Obama,
But I will Endorse Him

By Sameh A. Habeeb

We Palestinians and Arab Americans have to look over this race to the White House wisely. We have two choices now. Barack Obama who is slightly supporting the Palestinians and their promising state. In the other side, we have one of the biggest new Bushes, John McCain, whose stances are more extreme than Bush and all the new conservatives in the US. One of McCain' s advisors said a couple of weeks ago that Palestinians should go to Jordan and establish their own country. Thus, McCain is so dangerous for us and his ideas are so malicious. So, let's pick the less worse of the two…Let's endorse Obama

18 July, 2008

Too Old And Brain-Dead
By Joel S. Hirschhorn

In the over half a century that I have been politically engaged I have never seen such an unqualified presidential candidate as John McCain

29 June, 2008

Obama: Walking A Thin Line
By Timothy V. Gatto

One can only surmise the intentions of both Obama and McCain. Saber-rattling and posturing towards attacking Iran would seem to be counter-productive to reaching the 70% of the voters that cast their votes in November. If both candidates don’t care about alienating this 70% than there must be a good reason, the facts behind their behavior are fairly obvious, that is, if one simply follows the money

The Audacity Of Arrogance
By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Let’s start the revolution by not voting for either the Democratic or Republican presidential candidate, but instead voting for an independent or third party candidate. I recommend Ralph Nader, whose integrity and populist policy positions truly support we the people

25 June, 2008

Elections, Capitalism, And Democracy
By Charles Sullivan

Because so many of the people on the political left fear that John McCain will become the next president, they have allowed themselves to see the very moderate democratic candidate, Barach Obama, as a desirable alternative to the decidedly ghoulish McCain, rather than supporting a genuine progressive like Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, or Ralph Nader. They thus perceive Obama to be far more progressive than he really is. Such comparisons lead us down a dichotomous pathway that assures a continuous drift to the right

24 June, 2008

Criticize Obama And You Are A Racist
By David Truskoff

Criticize Israel and you are anti-Semitic. Criticize Obama and you are a racist. The Washington Post has signaled the start of what will be the ugliest political campaign in American history. A campaign that will apply the dirty tricks of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the dirty tricks of the republican master of dirty tricks Carl Rove. The sad part is young liberals are falling for it and taking the bait. They will soon choke on it

21 June, 2008

Obama Insults Half A Race
By Glen Ford

The Democratic presidential nominee-apparent seldom speaks directly to Black people, but when he does it is usually to denounce individuals once close to him or to criticize The Race in general for some moral failing. Thus it was no surprise that Barack Obama used the occasion of Father's Day to give Black males the back of his hand, no doubt to the delight of millions of potential white supporters

20 June, 2008

Obama: A Zionist President?
By Ghali Hassan

Just after winning the Democratic presidential nomination on 04 June 2008, Senator Barack Obama kneeled and crawled before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) gathering in Washington DC. He begged his audience that he will “do everything in his power” to unconditionally support Israel. It was a humiliating U-turn for millions of people

Obama’s Circle Of Hawks
By Lance Selfa

Barack Obama has a team of veteran warriors advising him on foreign policy issues

Obama's Chicago Boys
By Naomi Klein

Now is the time to worry about Obama's Chicago Boys and their commitment to fending off serious attempts at regulation. It was in the two and a half months between winning the 1992 election and being sworn into office that Bill Clinton did a U-turn on the economy

11 June, 2008

McCain: The Man Of Honor!
By Leigh Saavedra

Personally, I don't like studying the candidates by looking into their love affairs and moments of imperfect judgment, particularly in personal matters, but as long as the 72-year old John McCain, is going to be portrayed as the one to restore honor to the White House, I believe the whole story must be told

The General Election Is Set:
Where Do Iraq And Militarism Fit?
What Is A Peace Voter To Do?

By Kevin Zeese

What can peace advocates do? Your vote may not be the most important action. Indeed, it is predictable where the Electoral College votes for approximately 39 states are going now. So, no matter whom you are planning to vote for take action today. Write to all the candidates. Urge them to end the occupation of Iraq, stop threatening Iran with military attack and prevent future wars of aggression. Tell them it is time to invest in the civilian economy by rebuilding U.S. infrastructure, responding to climate change, providing for the basic necessities of the American people and to reduce the investment in the military economy. The candidates need to hear from you

03 June, 2008

When Will Obama Throw
Jimmy Carter Under The Bus?

By Jerry D. Rose

Obama cannot agree to any of Jimmy Carter's four totally reasonable positions on U.S. foreign policy, and the ex-President must go under the bus with the rest of the crowd. How and when this will happen will await the vicissitudes of a campaign

15 May, 2008

Curtain Time For Barack Obama - Part I
By Evelyn Pringle

Republicans have enough damaging information against Barack Obama to knock him off the ballot before the November election. Those at the top of the Democratic Party know this by now and voters need to recognize that if they nominate him they are throwing the election. Nothing else can explain why they would allow this disaster to happen

Hilary Clinton: Anything For The White House
By Suzanne Baroud

Nothing seems to work right for Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton in her attempts to once more dwell in the White House. Senator Barack Obama, despite inflated controversies continued his glide to the Democratic nomination with a landslide victory and a marginal defeat in the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, respectively

06 May, 2008

Barack Obama's REAL Albatross
By Leigh Saavedra

The real problem is that in addition to having his opponent wage war on him, as is expected, he has the Republican party out en masse campaigning for Hillary Clinton. A year ago, I would have said, "Huh?" to such a statement, but it proves itself more true every day

04 April, 2008

Is It Time For The Peace Movement
To Start Protesting Senator Obama?

By Kevin B. Zeese

In the last two weeks Senator Obama has been sounding rather hawkish. Perhaps he believes he has the Democratic nomination wrapped up and now can start running to the center-right. The peace movement needs to let him know his positions are not acceptable

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