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Bush And Bridges

By David Swanson

04 August, 2007

Bush is visiting the site of a bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis . He and Cheney and Congress have spent $488 billion on the illegal occupation of Iraq, which works out to $10.7 billion from Minnesota, or $1.2 billion from Minneapolis and St. Paul. Think you could fix a bridge with that? These are the most conservative possible figures, excluding future costs already budgeted, excluding interest on debt created, excluding lost benefits of having put these funds to positive use. Most estimates of the cost of this occupation fall between 1 and 2 trillion dollars. Also excluded is the cost in human life and the greater peril this occupation has put all of us in.

Suggested slogans for posters, banners, ads behind airplanes, etc.:

Fund Bridges, not Wars
We Want Our Billion Dollars and Our Troops Back
Build This Country, Stop Bombing Others
New York, New Orleans, and Minneapolis Thank Bush and Cheney
This Is Your Nation With Impeachment off the Table
Impeach Bush for Blowing the Job
Get Tough on Crime: Impeach W and Dick
Now Can We Impeach?
Impeach Cheney and Bush
Business Before Pleasure: Impeach Cheney First
Rule of Law or Rule of Cheney: Time to Choose
Impeach the Son of a Bush
Regime Change Begins at Home
The End Is Near: Article II, Section 4
Nixon Ignored Subpoenas Too
Impeach for Peace
Impeachment Is the Only Exit Strategy
Benching Bush Is the Only Benchmark


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