Countercurrents Submission Policy

Share: welcomes articles from writers, activists, journalists and also from our readers who have no prior experience in writing, on topics that we deal with regularly or on topics that you think need a wider circulation. We are most likely to publish those articles which are well-written, concise, offer a unique progressive perspective and have appeal to national and international readers. Please keep submissions under 1000 words.

As we are working on a shoestring budget we are not in a position to pay you remuneration. What we do is to take your ideas a little farther. We believe that “Together We Can Change The World”

Since we have a small editorial staff, we cannot spend much time editing submissions. Please send us final drafts of your work.

We do not guarantee that we publish all the articles we receive.

Please send all submissions as plain text within the body of an email – you can also attach the article, for the safer side. Please do not send articles in PDF format. 

Please include your name, contact information. A short paragraph bio in third person is a must. We will not publish an article without a proper bio.

Please send in with a low resolution copyrighted image that can be published with the article.

Let us know if you wish to have your e-mail address included for reader response.

The writers also are requested to join our mailing list to follow up the status of their articles. You can do so here

You can submit your articles to [email protected]

We shall republish articles published elsewhere with due credit to the original publisher.

One word of caution. When you are submitting articles use the word SUBMISSION in the subject line. Just that word and only that word! This can help us sort submissions from hundreds of mails we receive every day.

Thank You!

Binu Mathew