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Humanity is facing its greatest existential threat ever with climate change and resource depletion. This is not a crisis waiting to happen in the future, but it is already here and manifests itself in the many resource wars going on in  several parts of the world, rising food and fuel prices, growing hunger, natural calamities of horrifying proportions, water scarcity, debt crisis, unemployment, social tensions among communities, growing human rights violations and unprecedented ecological degradation. Unless we take urgent action to change the way we live, trashing our only home, this beautiful planet earth, this  crisis has the potential to wipe out the entire humanity and a majority of the other species from the face of this earth.

The objective of is to spread awareness about this crisis and search for meaningful solutions. We believe that energy intensive globalization should end and it must be replaced by a low energy, ecologically sustainable local economies.  If humanity is to survive, the destructive system of capitalism and consumerism must be replaced by an economic system which is based on just equitable distribution and need based use of resources.   We strive to reach this goal with our motto, which is “Educate! Organize! Agitate!” publishes reports, analyses, experiences, academic debates and campaigns which take a side – the Side of the People! Our objectivity is people’s past, present and future. During 13 years of its existence has published over 20,000 articles, fact finding reports, research papers and news items on major social issues around the world. brings news, views and analysis on Climate Change, Peak oil, Palestine, Iraq, Syria…… with an in depth and insightful analysis on all the important issues threatening the very existence of life systems on our mother earth. We relentlessly question the vertical and non-inclusive growth-based economy driven by capitalism that is destroying not only dignified human existence and the right to life of future generations but also the lives of all other species on earth. We stand for a sustainable ecological economy and equitable distribution of wealth!

We support the voices and initiatives that attempt to shape a world which ensure the dignified existence of future generations. stands for Democracy, Peace, Justice, Liberty and Harmony! is read by about half a million people every month and about 1.5 million pages are read by our readers each month.

As future activities, we plan to Publish books, translate our articles, produce videos, facilitate screenings on several of the topics that deals with to reach out to people who are not active on internet.

Countercurrents also acts as a News Agency for hundred of News Papers, Magazines, Websites around the world.  is founded by Binu Mathew.  The site came online on 27th March 2002.

Editorial Team

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Binu Mathew

Binu Mathew is a journalist.

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K.P Sasi

K.P Sasi is an award winning film director and a political activist .

Satya Sagar

Satya Sagar is a former journalist and now a public health worker

Ajith Kumar B

Ajith Kumar B is an award winning film editor

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Admiral L Ramdas– Former Chief of Naval Staff, India and Magsaysay Awardee

Lalita Ramdas– Activist. Former Chair of Green Peace International & Nominee for the 1000 Women for Nobel Peace Prize

Lalita-admiral-ramdasIt is rare to find a journal, writer and editor with the broad vision and courage to touch upon the extraordinary range of current debates, controversies, wide ranging perspectives and political positions that Counter Currents has chosen to provide space for and engage with through their columns in the past fourteen years since they founded this journal.

For many like us- not only has Counter Currents provided us with a valuable forum to be able to project points of view which most of mainstream media would reject; it also provides us with an invaluable window into a range of the most topical global debates and issues. We have watched with admiration their struggle to keep alive and afloat financially in a world where Media has infamously compromised on fundamental ethics to make money.

The world needs people of principle and journalism of courage – may your tribe increase! Most importantly – we urge all you right thinking people out there to dip into your pockets and wallets and contribute to keeping CC alive: any little amount towards this will help.

In today’s world where the freedom of speech, expression and even of thought is severely under threat – hats off to those brave few who are trying their best in tough circumstances to practice journalism of courage and integrity.

Kathy Kelly – Peace Activist, thrice nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

kathykellyCountercurrents helps us “build a new world in the shell of the old.” We learn from people in other lands about the consequences of war and greed. Some would have us believe that people who already have so much should be entitled to get more. But Countercurrents challenges us to find our security in building sturdy relationships between people based on readiness to live simply, share resources and prefer service to dominance. We need the stories that Countercurrents makes available to us. We need accounts from people who understand all too readily that where you stand determines what you see. Those who stand under the bombs or inside prison gates, those who try to shelter children traumatized by war and hunger, those who believe in a border free world unencumbered by elites who plunder the environment and ignore human needs — these people will be helped to find one another and, through posts at Countercurrents, to radicalize their love and commitment to justice.

Floyd Rudmin, Professor Emeritus, Social & Community Psychology University of Tromsø, Norway

FloydRudminWe live in a world of multiple crises.  Climate change looms as a relentless and growing threat.  The national banks of the major economies are printing money and adding immense debt.  Wars of choice now burn on several continents resulting in failed states and mass migration.  Trade treaties and corruption have helped corporations to control or over-power national governments. The liberal, democratic states are all building the legal, financial, and spying infrastructure for future fascism.  Our world hangs by threads, and one of threads giving us some hope of recovery, progress and justice is CounterCurrents.  CounterCurrents is a global platform for grass-roots reports on our many chronic crises, and for sharp critiques of government policies that cause these crises.  It is the only progressive voice I know of that speaks from, and to, the less powerful nations as well as those nations consumed with power.