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Countercurrents Annual Fund Raising is on annual fund raising drive. Our target is $ 20000 or Rs 15 Lakh to keep CC going for another year. Kindly lend your helping hand to keep CC alive. Don’t wait for others to do the job for you. Please chip in with whatever you can.

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Binu Mathew

Titanic Moment In History

This is a Titanic moment in history! We as species are going through the greatest challenge in the history of humanity with climate change, resource depletion, mindless resource wars, threat of a nuclear winter, ethnic and communal strifes, environmental degradation to name a few of the threats we are facing. The saddest part is that we are going to bring the whole edifice down and about to destroy all life forms on earth. This is the reality. But the question is, are WE aware about this reality? Countercurrents readers may be aware of this and working hard to challenge this existential threat. What about the wider world, those 8 Billion others who are walking towards perdition, led by the pied pipers of Mainstream Media?

The myth of endless growth, and the all pervasive culture of greed has driven us to this predicament. With fast depleting resources stalling the engine of growth, the hound dogs of capitalism has gone mad. They are forcing ever more wars upon us, starving the poor, destroying lives, occupying the land and the homes, they are curbing our freedom with the threat of a bogeyman called ‘war on terror’, snooping into our privacy, driving us literally from our homes and our work places, controlling and manipulating our lives with a pimp called Mainstream Media. Where do we go from here? We have only two ways left, 1. to go down without a trace 2. to fight and try to reverse this trend, so that our children will not say we didn’t try. We chose the second path. That’s why Countercurrents is here, and it will be here, no matter what the challenges are.

If you listen you’ll hear the voices of rebellion and resistance from the Dalits and student community of India,  from the Chiapas mountain ranges of Mexico, of Zapatista resistance movement, of transition movement from Totness, UK and the stories of compassion from the streets of Kabul, Baghdad and Gaza. These stories need to be TOLD and RETOLD to inspire people to rise up as a whole to demand justice, not just for humanity and our future generation but for all species on this earth and their progenies. How do we do this?

As Noam Chomsky brilliantly puts it, “The general population doesn’t know what’s happening and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know”.  We, the 99 percenters, don’t own NewYork Times, or CNN.  Our only hope is  to build and nurture independent media outlets like Countercurrents to tell these stories and do our part to help these stories reach a wider audience.

During 20  years of its existence has published about 75 thousand articles, fact finding reports, research papers and news items on major social issues around the world. As a recognition of the quality of our journalism, United States Library of Congress started archiving our articles in their digital section since 2006. Countercurrents also acts as a News Agency for hundred of News Papers, Magazines, Websites around the world. is read by about 5 lakh people every month and about 15 lakh articles are read by our readers each month. Our journalism is not defined and sustained by the advertisers, but by the readers. Ours is 100% reader funded journalism. This effort can be sustained only through the support from you.

Crowdfunding The Countercurrents Of Change!

Crowdfunding is a participative way of financing works you value. To crowdfund Countecurrents, we have developed a subscription programme. What is unique about our subscription programme is that unlike the usual subscriber based magazines , news papers or websites, CC will be available to non subscribers as well. Our subscription programme is only to raise funds for our survival and to set aside an amount for our future growth, ie, it’s not for profit. By our subscription programme, those who can contribute support or subsidize those who can’t pay. By paying you are helping CC to reach thousands of others who can’t pay.

Our annual subscription amount is Rs 1000 for Indian readers and $ 50 for overseas readers.

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Our annual subscription amount is Rs 1000. However, you can pay any amount according to your capability and your willingness to support the cause

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Let’s together make this unique voice be heard loud and clear and make Countercurrens a counterpoint to the mainstream media

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In Solidarity,

Binu Mathew

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John Scales Avery, Nobel Peace Prize winner with Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs (May 26, 1933 – January 4, 2024)

JohnAvery2Binu Mathew is the heroic and dedicated editor of the internet journal “Countercurrents”. He lives in the Kerala Provence of India, which has recently been hit by enormous floods, despite which he continues to publish his vitally important journal every day. An interview with Editor Binu Mathew, in which he describes his early life, his education, and how he became the founder and editor of Countercurrents, can be found here. I consider Countercurrents to be one of the most important and influential internet news journals, and I believe that Binu Mathew is today’s representative of the ideals and mission of Mahatma Gandhi. Today our world is threatened by catastrophic climate change, by the danger of thermonuclear war, and by the threat of a very widespread global famine. The political will to change our course and avert these dangers must be won in the court of public opinion, a court where Gandhi would be our advocate if he were alive today, a court where Countercurrents now stands as the voice of the world’s peoples.

Avery’s longer testimony can be found at “Countercurrents And The Ethics of Mahatma Gandhi

Admiral L Ramdas (5 September 1933 – 15 March 2024) – Former Chief of Naval Staff, India and Magsaysay Awardee

Lalita Ramdas– Activist. Former Chair of Green Peace International & Nominee for the 1000 Women for Nobel Peace Prize

Lalita admiral ramdasIt is rare to find a journal, writer and editor with the broad vision and courage to touch upon the extraordinary range of current debates, controversies, wide ranging perspectives and political positions that Counter Currents has chosen to provide space for and engage with through their columns in the past fourteen years since they founded this journal.

For many like us- not only has Counter Currents provided us with a valuable forum to be able to project points of view which most of mainstream media would reject; it also provides us with an invaluable window into a range of the most topical global debates and issues. We have watched with admiration their struggle to keep alive and afloat financially in a world where Media has infamously compromised on fundamental ethics to make money.

The world needs people of principle and journalism of courage – may your tribe increase! Most importantly – we urge all you right thinking people out there to dip into your pockets and wallets and contribute to keeping CC alive: any little amount towards this will help.

In today’s world where the freedom of speech, expression and even of thought is severely under threat – hats off to those brave few who are trying their best in tough circumstances to practice journalism of courage and integrity.

Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd, Author and Social Activist

Kancha IllaiahCounter currents is a well known alternative Web News Portal that publishers articles, reports and news items that do not appear in any other media. It serves the interests of Dalit/OBC/Adivasis/minorities and works as a mirror of their problems and prospects. I have an engaged friendship with this portal and its editor-in Chief Binu Mathew who works for disseminating truth as against Untruth that gets published in many other places. Some of my article would not have come out into public but for this portal. Its well wishers need to stand by it with all kinds of support possible. I wish Countercurrents a long life.

Prafulla Samantara, President , Lokshakti Abhiyan, Winner of  Goldman Environmental Prize or The Green Nobel

PrafullaSamantaraFor many years I have been looking to find out people’s journals which support people who are struggling for right to life and livelihood. Having failed to find one  in print media I found one online, Countercurrents! Countercurrents continues as one of my favourites which challenges the corporate owned and pro-corporate main stream media in our country.

It has reserved place for news and views of people’ s resistances against corporate loot of natural resources and state repression on democratic movements. Countercurrents has always stood with firmness for justice and democracy. It was possible because of strong committed and selfless leadership of the editor Binu Mathew and his co-fighter K.P.Sasi whose contribution through his documentaries of the commons and the causes of the marginalised people made this media more insightful for readers.

As an activist and a defender of Human Rights I am grateful to the editor and his team members for the messages of our democratic struggles like Save Niyamgiri , Anti-POSCO movements. Through Countercurrents we could reach  the people of many parts of the globe. Countercurrents  is a pioneer in reporting and creating public opinion on tribal community’s right to natural resources and their identy with nature.

Today the challenge before media like the Countercurrents is to sustain before the onslaught  on the freedom of the press and citizens by the state sponsered extra constitutional forces of fascist character. It is the duty of the concerned citizens to stand with and popularise such media like Countercurrents of conviction , courage and conscience. I wish its healthy growth to protect our secular democratic polity. is a crusader of people’s journalism with courage.

Dr. Andrew Glikson, Earth and paleo-climate scientist

ANDREW GLIKSONCountercurrents constitutes an effective venue for the communication of progressive ideas, human rights, social justice and the protection of humanity and nature from the currently rising existential risks. At a time of global climate crisis and increasing danger of deliberate or accidental nuclear war it gives voice to those who are trying to defend the enlightenment, humanism, social justice, nature and culture. The founder – Binu Matthews – is to be highly commended on the success of Countercurrents.

Dr. Ram Puniyani, Former IIT Professor and Social Activist

Ram PuniyaniHow does one act as a propagator of values of social change, provide a platform for values of human rights in times where the vested interests control the vast section media with vice like grip. Binu Mathew and his colleagues have shown the way in remarkable upright way through the practical engagement through Countercurrents. A daily digest of broad ranging subjects of importance to human society, in a consistent way has become a ‘views letter’ and has been doing the job days in and days out. The range of topics is amazing and the forthright nature of articles gives the true picture of global issues of serious importance, be it the question of global warming, the designs of imperialist forces, the deeper dynamics of control over oil resources or the issues related to defense of Human rights all over, it’s all there. A comprehensive selection of themes with the aim to promote a better world, a more peaceful and harmonious World is presented with conviction and commitment. It’s a unique platform for the voice of those longing for a just society. It’s a unique reading experience for those committed to a sane society.

Sandeep Pandey, Social activist, Magsaysay Awardee.

Sandeep PandeyIn the difficult times that we’re living in when the mainstream media blacks out any voice of dissent or what is not convenient for the government, it is refreshing to see becoming a platform for all alternative views. We’re fortunate that platforms like countercurrents keep us informed of the reality around us in a suffocating atmosphere where distorted pictures are presented to suit vested interests of the powerful. It is fulfilling the role perceived for media in a democracy as its fourth pillar faithfully for which it may even have had to suffer. If democracy in India will ultimately survive the onslaught of fundamentalist forces it will be because of fora like countercurrents. It has stood upto the fascist regime courageously and become the conscience of society. We wish it the best to carry on with the very important task of keeping our democracy alive which will continue to breathe life into a lot of us.

Kathy Kelly – Peace Activist, thrice nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

kathykellyCountercurrents helps us “build a new world in the shell of the old.” We learn from people in other lands about the consequences of war and greed. Some would have us believe that people who already have so much should be entitled to get more. But Countercurrents challenges us to find our security in building sturdy relationships between people based on readiness to live simply, share resources and prefer service to dominance. We need the stories that Countercurrents makes available to us. We need accounts from people who understand all too readily that where you stand determines what you see. Those who stand under the bombs or inside prison gates, those who try to shelter children traumatized by war and hunger, those who believe in a border free world unencumbered by elites who plunder the environment and ignore human needs — these people will be helped to find one another and, through posts at Countercurrents, to radicalize their love and commitment to justice.

Dr P S Sahni, Activist and Orthopaedic Surgeon

p s sahniIn January, 2017 I suffered a life threatening heart attack but managed to survive. Now my heart functions at 45% capacity. During my stay in intensive care unit and later in general ward at the hospital my colleague and close associate Shobha Aggarwal would smuggle in her smart phone. The only thing that I have learnt on this gadget is doing ‘Google search’. I would browse through articles in CC. This reading brought sanity to my heart which would otherwise at times go berserk into ectopic beats. Up to 9000 heart beats would become irregular in a 24 hour period; the risk being of heart beating extremely fast (ventricular tachycardia) and then eventual death.

Dr. Ramzy Baroud, Palestinian-US journalist and author

ramzy baroudCountercurrents understands that making real, tangible difference in the world can only happen through a deep, inter-sectional understanding of all conflicts and challenges around us. The diversity of the topics covered by Countercurrents and its capable editors are a reflection of this astute understanding, which is always missing in corporate media coverage, ever self-serving, ever restrictive. Here, you will find more than diversity of topics, but real wisdom and true knowledge in how these topics are deciphered and deconstructed. The editors of Countercurrents have done us all a great service in maintaining this important and independent media platform, and they deserve our full and constant support.

Ron Forthofer, Retired Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston, Texas; Former Green Party candidate for Congress and for Governor of Colorado

Ron Forthofer 2017Countercurrents provides a forum for getting an alternative perspective out on the internet. Countercurrents and its writers challenge the fake news of the corporate-dominated media. Many of the articles on Countercurrents are not available anywhere else and the provision of these pieces is a great service. The information on this site informs activists about what is going on and it enables them to challenge those in power based on facts.

In this time of multiple challenges, the wide ranging articles found on Countercurrents are more important than ever. It has taken me some time to learn that the journey is more important than the destination, no matter how much I want to reach the destination. What Gandhi, King, abolitionists, etc. have taught us is to keep on keeping on even when the time is dark. The presence of Countercurrents and many other alternative progressive media is crucial.

Floyd Rudmin, Professor Emeritus, Social & Community Psychology University of Tromsø, Norway

FloydRudminWe live in a world of multiple crises.  Climate change looms as a relentless and growing threat.  The national banks of the major economies are printing money and adding immense debt.  Wars of choice now burn on several continents resulting in failed states and mass migration.  Trade treaties and corruption have helped corporations to control or over-power national governments. The liberal, democratic states are all building the legal, financial, and spying infrastructure for future fascism.  Our world hangs by threads, and one of threads giving us some hope of recovery, progress and justice is CounterCurrents.  CounterCurrents is a global platform for grass-roots reports on our many chronic crises, and for sharp critiques of government policies that cause these crises.  It is the only progressive voice I know of that speaks from, and to, the less powerful nations as well as those nations consumed with power.

Mitali Chakravarty, Poet

mitali chakravartyIt is from journalism like Countercurrents — selfless, forward thinking and above board and one that regards all humans as members of the same family — that gives us hope for a better world in the future. Countercurrents stands for a borderless world where humans are the colours of the rainbow, not fighting over differences but existing in peace and harmony as part of the same white light, under a peaceful blue sky — devoid of mushroom clouds. This is rare and wonderful in a world that thinks it is moving towards dystopia!

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