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50 Ways Australian Intelligence Spies On Australia And The World
For UK , Israeli And US State Terrorism

By Dr Gideon Polya

11 December, 2013

Pro-war, pro-Zionist, US lackey Australian Intelligence  has been spying on the whole world for the benefit of UK , Israeli and US state terrorism. Australia and its close neighbors  Indonesia and Timor  Leste have recently been rocked by revelations that Australian spies hacked into the phones of  Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, his wife and his colleagues,  spied on the Timor Leste Cabinet to give a huge commercial advantage to Australian fossil fuel company Woodside in gas exploitation negotiations, and routinely spy on everybody in the world for metadata and other data,  with intelligence being fed to the Americans and thence to war criminal drone strikes and to Apartheid Israel.  

Australian Coalition Government and Labor Opposition MPs and Australian spies have responded with a routine  mantra “We do not comment in intelligence matters”. Faced with this of the Australian Government refusal to come clean, sensible  Australians are entitled to entertain the worst possibilities . Indeed Julian  Assange and Edward Snowden have revealed that reality is far, far worse than anything reasonable, ordinary Australians might have entertained. Below are examples, in rough chronological order, of Australian Intelligence involvements and intelligence failures that are detrimental to Australia 's security:

1. Australian Intelligence involvement in safe have for Nazi and Croatian Ustase war criminals in Australia   [1, 2].

2. Australian Intelligence spying on overseas students.

3. Likely Australian Intelligence involvement in the 1978 Sydney Hilton Bombing [3].

4. Australian Intelligence and military involvement with Croatian Ustase terrorist  militia training in Australia [2].

5. Likely Australian Intelligence involvement in the 1987 Fiji Coup.

6. Australian Intelligence subversion of neighboring countries.

7. Australian Intelligence destruction of the careers and lives of Australians  its American and neoconservative  overlords didn't like.

8. Australian Intelligence failure to tell the truth about lack of evidence of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)  (Australia's reputation trashed, 2.7 million Iraqi deaths from violence or war-imposed deprivation, and 0.8 million under-5 infant deaths, 90% avoidable and due to US Alliance including Australian war crimes in gross violation of the Geneva Convention ) [4].  

9. Incompetent, ignorant  or knowing Australian Intelligence complicity in the lying Bush "official version" of 9-11 that is rejected by some leading US and European intelligence experts e.g. Seymour Hersh (Pulitzer Prize winning writer and investigative joumalist ), General Leonid Ivashov (former Joint Chief of Staff of the Russian armies),  Professor Francesco Cossiga (former Italian  president and intelligence intimate), Professor Daniele Ganser (Swiss ETH historian specializing  in inter-national relations and international history), Steve Pieczenik, MD, PhD (American psychiatrist and former United States Department of State official), Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan  (Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Forces), Professor Albert Alexander Stahel (Swiss Professor of  Strategic  Studies of the ETH Zürich  and of  the  University of  Zürich), Dr Paul Craig Roberts (leading  economist, nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicate,  former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and so-called “Father of Reaganomics” ), Major General Albert N. Stubblebine ( graduate of the U.S. Military Academy West Point, class of 52, distinguished 32 year career in the U.S. Army,  former  Commanding General of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, INSCOM) and Andreas von Bülow ( former state-secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Defence, former German Minister for Research and Technology, 25 years overall as an SPD member of the German parliament, and in the late 1980s and early 1990s, served on the parliamentary committee on intelligence services ("Parlamentarischer Kontrollausschuss"). This immense American deception has had immense consequences as exampled below [5].

10. Australian Intelligence complicity in the Afghan Genocide (5.5 million Afghan deaths from violence or war-imposed deprivation and 2.0 million under-5 infant deaths, 90% avoidable and due to US Alliance including Australian war crimes in gross violation of the Geneva Convention ) [6, 7].  

11. Australian Intelligence complicity in the Zionist-promoted post-1990 US War on Muslims and post-2001 US War on Terror associated with 12 million and 10 million deaths, respectively;  from violence or from war-imposed deprivation [7].

12. Malignant Australian Intelligence failure to protect Australia from continuing Neocon American and Zionist Imperialist  subversion, perversion, corruption, spying, large-scale border security violation,  and war crimes-linked foreign recruitment, military training and operations [8, 9].

13. Australian Intelligence complicity in US acquisition of "assets" to spy on Australians (e.g. within the Labor Caucus as revealed by Wikileaks).

14. Australian Intelligence complicity in rendition and torture of Australians (e.g. of Mamdouh Habib and David Hicks).

15. Australian Intelligence involvement in illegal operations in Africa .

16. Australian Intelligence involvement in Australian spying on Australians and indeed everyone in the world, the data  being given to the Americans and thence to the Apartheid Israelis [9].

17. Australian Intelligence involvement in US nuclear terrorism and war criminal drone attacks [10].

18. Australian Intelligence complicity in the Tamil Genocide and persecution of victims of the Tamil Genocide.

19. Australian Intelligence complicity in Australian war crimes in post-1950 US Asian wars (38 million Asian deaths from violence or war-imposed deprivation) .

20. Australian Intelligence complicity in the $125 billion long-term accrual cost to Australia of the Zionist- promoted  War on Terror that is necessarily linked to 0.8 million preventable Australian deaths since 2001 [11].

21. Australian Intelligence complicity in the horrendous 1 million global opiate drug-related deaths linked to US restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry , this carnage including the deaths of 200,000 Americans, 50,000 Iranians, 18,000 British, 10,000 Canadians, 8,000 Germans and 4,000 Australians [6].

22. Australian Intelligence complicity in the worsening climate emergency and climate genocide and its utter failure to warn successive Labor and Coalition Governments of the dire threat to Australia [12].

23. Australian Intelligence spying on Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, his wife, everybody's  wife, his colleagues, the Timor Leste Government, other governments and individuals in the Asia-Pacific and indeed throughout the world.

24. Australian Intelligence spying, raiding and seizures  for the benefit of an Australian fossil fuel company to rip off the impoverished  East Timorese just as it is prospectively involved in Apartheid Israel ripping off Indigenous Palestinians and others over the Apartheid Israel-stolen Leviathan gas fields (Australia's biggest single adumbrated foreign investment).

25. Australian Intelligence complicity  in the preventable deaths of over 1 million Americans annually and 66,000 Australians annually linked to US state terrorism and its endless War on Terror [13].

26. Australian Intelligence involvement in assisting the CIA in the 9-11 1973 CIA-backed Coup in Chile in which 30,000 were abusively imprisoned and 3,000 murdered [14].

27.  Australian Intelligence involvement in criminality and murder to do with the CIA-linked Australian Nugan Hand Bank [15].

28. Australian Intelligence protection of Australian, US, UK and Israeli war criminals as well as of Nazi war criminals e.g. current fast-tracking of entry of Israeli war criminals into Australia [16].

29. Australian Intelligence perversion of Australian human rights via draconian anti-terrorism laws [17].

30. Australian Intelligence de-listing from the terrorist organization list of Irgun, the genocidally racist  Zionist terrorist organization that collaborated with the Nazis,  killed Allied servicemen before , during and after WW2, engaged in horrendous genocide, and whose familial and ideological  descendants in democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel that engages in terrorism against  Australia (shooting, tasering, kidnapping, robbing Australians; forging Australian passports; bombing 25,000 Australians in Lebanon in 2006; suborning MPs, media and public servants; recruiting mercenaries and spies like Ben Zygier [18, 19].

31. Australian Intelligence complicity in US state terrorism, UK state terrorism and Israeli state terrorism against Australian law and International Law (indeed 2,500 child-killing US Marines are now stationed in Darwin, nuclear weapons-armed US ships dock in Australian ports, Australia-US joint communications facilities spy on the world for US nuclear terrorism and war criminal drone attacks, and Australia's  Cocos Keeling Islands have been adumbrated as US drone bases).

32. Australian Intelligence perversion of Australian public, academia and political culture  over the relative threats to Australia of Muslim-origin non-state terrorism ( zero Australia deaths within Australia) versus the resolutely  not mentioned US state terrorism and the US War on Terror (a huge $125 billion  fiscal perversion for Australia and a $6 trillion perversion for the US and linked to 16 million preventable American deaths and 0.8 million Australian preventable deaths since 2001) [13, 20].

33. Australian Intelligence perversion of the Rational Risk Management culture vital for societal safety and which successively involves (a) correct public information, (b) science-based analysis, (c) informed systemic change to minimize risk and substitution of (a) lying, censorship, secrecy, intimidation, (b) anti-science spin involving selective use of  asserted facts to support a partisan position, and (c) counterproductive “blame and shame” with Islamophobia, persecution and war as shameful and evil consequences.

34. Australian Intelligence reported spying on at least 6 Australian MPs while  ignoring recruitment of  MPs and others as US and Israeli “assets” to spy on Australia .

35. Back in 1944 Australian Intelligence advised  John Curtin to veto  the Freeland Plan for exclusive Jewish settlement of the Kimberley  region of North Western Australia [21],  however under pro-Zionist  Labor in 2010 Australian Intelligence permitted Labor to squander several hundred million dollars to put Israeli spies and war criminals into the heart of Australian Defence Command and Control [8].  

 36. Back in 1991 an outstanding  founder of Australian Intelligence and an early member of ASIO, Captain Eric Nave,   published an expert insider account of how the UK and US Governments were well aware of the impending Pearl Harbor attack before it happened [22]. Today cravenly US- and Zionist-beholden Intelligence is complicit in the monstrous falsehoods of the lying Bush “official version of 9-11” and the Zionist-promoted US War on Terror that has, so far, killed 10 million Muslims through violence or war-imposed deprivation and 4,000 Australians through US restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry , this carnage including the deaths of 200,000 Americans, 50,000 Iranians, 18,000 British, 10,000 Canadians, and 8,000 Germans as well as the deaths of 4,000 Australians [6].  

37. Australian Intelligence perversion of universities through "assets'", spying, black-listing, funding  etc. Thus, for example, the recent award of an honorary degree by a major university to an Australian described by John Valder, the former national president of the Liberal Party of Australia, as a war criminal who should be arraigned for war crimes before the International Criminal Court.

38. Australian Intelligence perversion of Australian democracy with virtually 100% of Coalition MPs and at least 60% of Labor MPs  kow-towing to its support for US state terrorism, UK state terrorism and Israeli state terrorism.

39. Australian Intelligence is itself  directly subverted by salivating racist  Zionists with a prime loyalty to a genocidally racist  nuclear terrorist state and by Bob Santamaria-style Catholic extremists (similar to the present Australian PM Tony Abbott and the Leader of the Labor Opposition Bill Shorten) as well as by the standard Anglo-Saxon Establishment conservative extremists.

40. Australian Intelligence complicity as an accessory after the fact of US state terrorism, UK state terrorism and Israeli state terrorism in Australia and around the world [23].

41. Australian Intelligence complicity as an accessory after the fact of foreign recruitment of leading Australian public figures (read Phillip Agee's “Inside the Company. CIA Diary” [23]  and the leading candidates are obvious, with their public record adding further substance to the argument).

42. Australian Intelligence complicity with corporate malfeasance (e.g. bribing foreign officials as revealed by the Australia Wheat Board Iraqi bribery scandal).

43. Australian Intelligence failure to protect Australia from the dire economic consequences of climate change [24-31] .

44. Australian Intelligence failure to protect Australia from the dire biological consequences of climate change (e.g. southward movement of dire tropical, mosquito-borne disease) [31].

45. Australian Intelligence failure to protect a presently remorselessly climate criminal Australia from international law-sanctioned international action against disproportionate Australian pollution of the one common atmosphere and oceans of all countries on earth [24, 30].

46. Australian Intelligence perversion of rational risk management in Australia through censorship and attempted censorship effected by its media and MP “assets” and supporters (e.g. calls by the Coalition MPs and Zionists for the banning of a high school textbook for actually mentioning US state terrorism and Israeli state terrorism). [32].

47. Australian Intelligence capacity to destroy political careers (e.g. one of Australia's most ethical and thoughtful MPs and the only member of the House  Representatives to have asked how many people we had killed in Iraq, was vetoed from public office after leaking of an innocent but unwise character reference for a local businessman later shown to be a crook).

48. Australian Intelligence complicity in censorship by secret “D Notices” to media and by informal means.

49. Australian Intelligence complicity in intellectual child abuse through remorseless pressure on academics, MPs and journalists to censor and lie by omission [31-38].

50. Australian Intelligence complicity  in dangerous stultification of public life through obsessive secrecy and a national culture of massive misinformation, disinformation, lying, censorship and explicit and unspoken intimidation [39-48].  

All of these matters call for a public judicial inquiry [49]  but at such an inquiry public servants and Liberal Party-National Party Coalition and Labor (Lib-Lab, Liberal-Laboral)  MPs will hide behind the mantra "we don't comment on intelligence matters". How does one describe those Australian public servants who spy against Australians and the world for foreign nuclear terrorist rogue states, are complicit in the estimated preventable deaths of hundreds of thousands of Australians, and lie by commission or omission to Australian Governments and the Australian people? Decent Australians must (a) demand a public spy inquiry now, (b) inform everyone they can, and (c) urge and apply Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against all those people and parties, media and MPs actively or passively involved in this egregious  perversion of democracy. Of course the same US, UK and Israeli perversion of democracy and decency is happening in your country too.


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Dr Gideon Polya has been teaching science students at a major Australian university for 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, most recently a huge pharmacological reference text "Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds" (CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, New York & London , 2003). He has published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (G.M. Polya, Melbourne, 2007: http://globalbodycount.blogspot.com/ ); see also his contributions “Australian complicity in Iraq mass mortality” in “Lies, Deep Fries & Statistics” (edited by Robyn Williams, ABC Books, Sydney, 2007: http://www.abc.net.au/rn/science/ockham/stories/s1445960.htm ) and “Ongoing Palestinian Genocide” in “The Plight of the Palestinians (edited by William Cook, Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2010: http://mwcnews.net/focus/analysis/4047-the-plight-of-the-palestinians.html ). He has published a revised and updated 2008 version of his 1998 book “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History” (see: http://janeaustenand.blogspot.com/ ) as biofuel-, globalization- and climate-driven global food price increases threaten a greater famine catastrophe than the man-made famine in British-ruled India that killed 6-7 million Indians in the “forgotten” World War 2 Bengal Famine (see recent BBC broadcast involving Dr Polya, Economics Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen and others: http://www.open.edu/openlearn/history-the-arts/history/social-economic-history/listen-the-bengal-famine ). When words fail one can say it in pictures - for images of Gideon Polya's huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see: http://sites.google.com/site/artforpeaceplanetmotherchild/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/gideonpolya/ .



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