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A Titanic Moment In History

This is a Titanic moment in history! We as species are going through the greatest challenge in the history of humanity with climate change, resource depletion, mindless resource wars, threat of a nuclear winter, ethnic and communal strifes, environmental degradation to name a few of the threats we are facing. The saddest part is that we are going to bring the whole edifice down and about to destroy all life forms on earth. This is the reality. But the question is, are WE aware about this reality? A few of Countercurrents readers may be aware of this and working hard to challenge this existential threat. What about the wider world, those 7 Billion others who are walking towards perdition, led by the pied pipers of Mainstream Media?

The myth of endless growth, and the all pervasive culture of greed has driven us to this predicament. With fast depleting resources, stalling the engine of growth, the hound dogs of capitalism has gone mad. They are forcing ever more wars upon us, starving the poor, destroying lives, occupying the land and the homes, they are curbing our freedom with the threat of a bogeyman called 'war on terror', snooping into our privacy, driving us literally from our homes and our work places, controlling and manipulating our lives with a pimp called Mainstream Media. Where do we go from here? We have only two ways left, 1. to go down without a trace 2. to fight and try to reverse this trend, so that our children will not say we didn't try. I chose the second path. That's why Countercurrents is here, and it will be here, no matter what the challenges are.

If you listen you'll hear the voices of rebellion and resistance from the Dongria Kondh's of Niyamgiri hills of Odisha, India who rejected mining giant Vedanta's efforts to mine in their sacred hills, from the Chiapas mountain ranges of Mexico, of Zapatista resistance movement, and from Cairo and New York of the stories of Occupy spirit, of transition movement from Totness, UK and the stories of compassion from the streets of Kabul, Baghdad and Gaza. These stories need to be TOLD and RETOLD to inspire people to rise up as a whole to demand justice, not just for humanity and our future generation but for all species on this earth and their future progenies. How do we do this?

We don't own NewYork Times, or CNN. We can not hope that these outlets will ever tell these stories in their TRUEST SPIRIT. Our only hope is that to build and nurture independent media outlets like Countercurrents to tell these stories and do our part to help these stories reach a wider audience.

As you may well know our resistance movements are also hijacked by capital. They do this in two ways, by co-option and subversion. They want us to go begging for their advertisement crumbs falling off their table. You'll NEVER EVER see a Coca Cola advertisement on CC pages. The other way is subverting and controlling the resistance by doling out money through their foundations thereby moderating and controlling the message, palatable to the dominant classes. Countercurrents will not go either of these ways. CC will survive by the collective support of its readers and the sweat of my hard labor.We want CC to be funded 100 % by you - our readers! For that we have developed a unique subscription programme. You can call it CROWD FUNDING

Crowd Funding The Countercurrents Of Change!

Crowdfunding is a participative way of financing works you value. To crowdfund Countecurrents, we have developed a subscription programme. What is unique about our subscription programme is that unlike the usual subscriber based magazines , news papers or websites, CC will be available to non subscribers as well. Our subscription programme is only to raise funds for our survival and to set aside an amount for our future growth, ie, it's not for profit. By our subscription programme, those who can contribute support or subsidize those who can't pay. By paying you are helping CC to reach thousands of others who can't pay.

Our subscription amount is $ 50 a year, and you'll be paying it in two instalments. Once you log in , $ 25 will be charged from your card, and six months later the rest will be automatically deducted from your card. And the cyle will stop and you'll have to log in again to subscribe next year. If you so wish, you can unsubscribe any time you like too.

Attention Low Income Readers

Low income readers like students, pensioners, jobless etc please do not chip in with money, you can help us by spreading the word.

Countercurrents uses Pay Pal to accept on-line subscriptions. Pay Pal is an extremely secure service - and a 2001 nominee for the Webby Awards Best Finance web service



Pay By Cheque

You can draw the cheque in favour of "" and send in to the address.
PB No. 5
Kumaranalloor PO
686 016

Let's together make this uniqe voice be heard loud and clear and make Countercurrens a counterpoint to the mainstream media

In Solidarity,

Binu Mathew


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