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Articles by: Deba Ranjan

Shanti Nagar rehabilitation  colony

Ten years of Kandhamal anti-Christian violence in Odisha

  I remember those days when the former prime minister of India late Atal Bihari Vajpayee had suggested for a national debate on conversion though our constitution, even then pointing that the practice of religion is a fundamental right. This was when, he was on an official visit to Dang, Gujarat on 10th January, 1999. Here,religious violence were taking place[Read More…]

Vedanta Company Gets Proxy Mining  Licence In Odisha

Vedanta Company Gets Proxy Mining  Licence In Odisha

This is about an incident happened in the year 1995. One Kondh tribal lady courageously came in front of the armed police forces and blocked their entry into the hamlet. The police force was there to evacuate the tribal villagers for a mining company. Villagers were blocking the road. The then Superintendent of Police warned the villagers to leave the[Read More…]