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Coronavirus structure. Credit: / CC BY-SA

Covid2019: Biosafety challenges in India

Bio contamination from labs is a serious concern that can have social, economic, political and environmental implications. Sometimes, irreversible ecological contamination is a given consequence. Health Canada reports that world-wide until 1999 over 5,000 cases of accidental laboratory infections and 190 deaths[1] have been recorded. These reports are the tip of the iceberg and point to the clear dangers and[Read More…]

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Coronavirus structure. Credit: / CC BY-SA

Why Improvement of Bio Safety Should Not Be Delayed Any Longer

While the ongoing pandemic has brought so much distress there is just  one positive possibility also that this may lead to long-delayed bio-safety reform as the neglected but extremely significant issue of bio-lab safety has started receiving  more attention now, both at the level of experts as well as common, safety conscious citizens. We should clinch this opportunity to introduce[Read More…]

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