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Flooding in New Bern, North Carolina [photo credit: Twitter user @cityofNewBern]

Hurricane Florence kills five in North Carolina, leaves nearly one million without power

Hurricane Florence continues to churn over North Carolina after making landfall Friday morning. As the storm slowly moved inland, it brought widespread flooding and power outages throughout the region. With an additional 15-20 inches of rain expected in the next day, the lives of untold thousands are at risk. Across the Carolinas, millions were unable to evacuate and have been[Read More…]

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Our Planet Is Angry

Our Planet Is Angry

“Storm of a lifetime” is how the National Weather Service in Wilmington, N.C., described Hurricane Florence as it came lumbering across the Atlantic to hurl its ferocious winds and rain onto that coastal state. Pointing to the storm’s unusual path, one meteorologist said, “There’s virtually no precedent for a hurricane moving southwest for some time along the Carolina coast.” Florence is expected[Read More…]

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Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina

Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina

Hurricane Florence, one of the most powerful storms ever to strike the US mainland, came ashore early Friday morning north of Wilmington, North Carolina. The hurricane generated winds of more than 100 miles per hour and drove a ten-foot storm surge over beaches and boardwalks along a wide swathe of coastline. The worst impact of the storm surge was expected[Read More…]

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The Mountain Valley Pipeline, now under construction, would carry fracked methane gas from West Virginia into Virginia, where it will connect with an existing pipeline system.(Photo: WDBJ7/Virginia)

Pipeline in Hurricane Florence’s Potential Path Poses Added Danger

As Hurricane Florence churns menacingly toward the Mid-Atlantic coast, residents of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia hold their breath, wondering where the massive storm surge, howling winds and torrents of rain will hit hardest. Over 300 miles inland, southwest Virginia residents may also face dangerous flooding, and some worry that Florence may exacerbate the threats from a different, manmade[Read More…]

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As 1.5 Million Flee Hurricane Florence, Worries Grow Over Half Dozen Nuclear Power Plants in Storm’s Path

As 1.5 Million Flee Hurricane Florence, Worries Grow Over Half Dozen Nuclear Power Plants in Storm’s Path

With 1.5 million residents now under orders to evacuate their homes in preparation for Hurricane Florence’s landfall in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, the region faces the possibility of catastrophe should the storm damage one or more of the nuclear power plants which lie in its potential path. As the Associated Press reported on Monday, “The storm’s potential path also includes half a dozen[Read More…]

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