Dr Abhay Kumar

Is Muslim Unity Possible?

  After a day-long conference of ‘Indian Intellectual Muslims Meet’ held in New Delhi last week, the cardinal questions remain unanswered. Why do the Indian Muslims find it hard to…

George Floyd is strangled in India too

“I can’t breathe…”. These were the last words of forty-six-year-old black African American George Floyd. He uttered them when he was being strangled to death by the white American police.…

Unethical Journalism

 Early morning on Friday,  I was eagerly waiting to read 'Dastavez' published in "Roznama Rashtriya Sahara", Urdu. I was shocked to find a sentence added to my original draft in…

Hindu Right, Ambedkar And JNU Politics

The ABVP activists are hopeful that their “achievement” of having the library renamed after Dr Ambedkar will help them woo lower-caste students, particularly Dalits. With the JNUSU elections approaching, the…

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