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Articles by: Ankit Jha

Dholera Smart City SIR Project

Citizens As Clients And Sponsored Welfare Is The New Urban Agenda In India

  99 Smart Cities, and an investment of Rs. 1,91,155 of which 80% funds are being spent on a mere 9% population of a city in the Area BAsed Development component of the project. Housing for all by 2022 of which foundation lies in concept of slum free city. Is this how we are heading towards an inclusive, participative and[Read More…]

Kathputli, Artist’s Colony Demolished In Delhi: Thousands Rendered Homeless, Death Of Democracy!

Kathputli, Artist’s Colony Demolished In Delhi: Thousands Rendered Homeless, Death Of Democracy!

In the two days demolition drive by Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in assistance with Delhi Police demolished more than 1000 houses at Kathputli Colony, in West Delhi on October 30th and October 31st 2017. During the demolition, Police lathicharged on the residents mercilessly and also shot some Tear gas on them. On the basis of a Public Notice served on[Read More…]

House of babar

Criminalising The Poor And Demolition Of Houses Under “Gunda Dhar-Pakad Abhiyaan” In Indore

  When Administration starts to behave like a Cruel Father and begins to dominate your life and lifestyles, it becomes difficult to live in the city. We never know what cruel strategy would then they will use to attack us. The administration of Indore (The largest city in state of Madhya Pradesh) is behaving like a similar Cruel and Arrogant[Read More…]

DDA Agrees To Stop Demolition Of Slums In Baljeet

DDA Agrees To Stop Demolition Of Slums In Baljeet

In the 13 Rules for Radicals by American Activist Saul Alinsky for the Community Organisers, the first rule is “Power is not what you think you have but what the enemy thinks you have.” These rules are for the low income Communities towards gaining social, political, economic and legal power. Also, the radicalism has been described a sone of the[Read More…]

by Comments are Disabled Human Rights
A young boy sits outside his demolished house. Children are most affected  by this eviction as they now lack the place for recreational needs and many have not had food since their parents are busy in collecting/digging household belongings such as stove,Gas, Utensils. (Photographs taken on July6, 2017 )

Forceful Demolition At Gulshan Chowk, Baljeet Nagar, Delhi

The immediate need of the families affected by this incident is related to water, Food, temporary shelter (Shaded) till they recover their belongings from under the debris and start to make their living. As a secondary need they will require support for the proper rehabilitation within the legal framework. Things to be taken in notice is that although there’s a big population of women in the slum, no women police officers were present at the time of demolition.

Baltu Bai Nagar

Claiming Urban Space For The Poor: Eviction Stories From Navi Mumbai

Some 350 years ago people came from far west to make us ‘civilised’, because we were a potent market for them to be exploited. And now, they are trying to make us ‘Smart’, because they feel we are ready to move from mere civilisation to smart civilisation. This is from where rises the dilemma of becoming smart and defining what[Read More…]