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Vanessa Nakate speaks at the Fridays for Future demonstration in Milan, Italy on October 1, 2021.PHOTO BY ELENA DI VINCENZO/ARCHIVIO ELENA DI VINCENZO/MONDADORI PORTFOLIO/GETTY IMAGES

Vanessa Nakate on What Irks and Inspires Her Climate Activism

When I started reading Vanessa Nakate’s new book, A Bigger Picture (HarperCollins 2021), I didn’t immediately understand the connection between the title and the event that first introduced me to the Ugandan climate activist. It was January 2020 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. She and four other youth activists were there to encourage attendees to take the climate crisis seriously.[Read More…]

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Greta Thunberg on Climate Promises Versus Actions

Greta Thunberg on Climate Promises Versus Actions

On Sept. 28, Greta Thunberg mocked world leaders when she reiterated their promises to an audience of young activists at the Youth4Climate event in Milan, Italy, saying: “Build back better, blah blah blah, green economy, blah blah blah, net zero by 2050, blah blah blah, climate neutral, blah blah blah… This is all we hear from our so-called leaders. Words. Words[Read More…]

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