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Determining Scheduled Area: An Update

Determining Scheduled Area: An Update

Abstract Determining Scheduled Areas under the Fifth Schedule of Article 244 of the Constitution has been left largely to administrative and political interpretations. Mired in ambiguities, most often adverse, this resulted in the denial of what this constitutional provision potentially could offer the Scheduled Tribes. About sixty percent of the Scheduled Tribes are unjustly denied and kept out of the[Read More…]

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Gram sabha meeting at Mendhalekha. Photo by Mendhalekha/ Wikimedia Commons

Tracing Panchayati Raj’s role in deepening democracy and decolonising governance over 30 years

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Constitution Amendments that led to the three-tier Panchayati Raj structures. The 73rd Amendment further led to legislation for its extension into tribal areas (Scheduled Areas) and the Forest Rights Act. Tracing the history of 30 years, the saga of decentralisation without democratisation is the story of hope to despair, writes C.R. Bijoy[Read More…]

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Forest Rights Struggle: The Making Of The Law And The Decade After

Forest Rights Struggle: The Making Of The Law And The Decade After

Abstract: The progressive subjugation, appropriation, enclosure and policing of the forests in India since the colonial period has left millions of forest peoples in a precarious struggle for survival and waging a continuous battle for their rights. The exclusionary development and conservation thrust left in its wake, devastated forests and forest peoples. What began as the final uprooting of forest[Read More…]

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