Articles by: David Smith-Ferri

 Redwood Valley community meeting discusses DAPL  photo credit:  David Smith-Ferri

Standing Rock Sioux Protest: Something To Teach Us About Living Well

  As efforts to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline grow, communities across the country are hearing from activists on their return from North Dakota and sending off fresh teams to lend support. The author believes that part of the support for the Standing Rock protests is a dawning consciousness that Native people have something important to teach us about living[Read More…]

Memorial flame at Piskariovskoye Cemetery in St. Petersburg, where nearly half a million victims of the siege of Leningrad are buried.

At Risk of Being Dupes

  In the midst of rising tensions between the U.S. and Russia, a small delegation of peace activists travels to Moscow and St. Petersburg to learn from Russian people about their perspective on war and international relations. The hardships suffered by ordinary Russians as a result of U.S.-imposed economic sanctions, and the failure of U.S. media to report on this,[Read More…]

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